Chaotic 2022 fish harvest prompts minister to launch review of N.L.'s price-setting system

The system that determines the prices paid to seafood harvesters will be a subject of a review following a chaotic and bumpy 2022 fishing season in Newfoundland and Labrador.

I was a kid when the cod moratorium started. As a union leader, I'm still fighting for change

Diversification in the fishery and a focus on value have resulted in higher incomes, pulling fish harvesters out of poverty and into the upper-middle class, writes FFAW president Keith Sullivan. However, he writes, the inshore fishery remains plagued by problems that governments and business won't address.

Snow crab producers could limit production to help international market, says seafood association

Association of Seafood Producers executive director Derek Butler says fast-paced production has caused the market to stall, leaving buyers to wonder where it will go next.

St. Mary's throws a parade over new snow crab licence — but most other processors feel left out

News of a new processing licence at the snow crab plant in St. Mary's was celebrated with a town parade Tuesday afternoon, but other processors in Newfoundland and Labrador say they don't have much to cheer about.


Hundreds of Newfoundland fishermen protest prices, pressing minister for changes

Fishermen from across the Avalon Peninsula took their complaints and concerns about pricing for this year's inshore fishery straight to Fisheries Minister Derrick Bragg in St. John's on Monday, with a concurrent protest happening in Corner Brook.

Critics, supporters of liquefied natural gas plan await decision — and impact on economy, environment

A facility proposed for Grassy Point in Placentia would bring in natural gas from the Jeanne d'Arc Basin via subsea pipeline and then turn it into liquefied natural gas that would be exported to markets in Europe.

Aging fleet, broken parts force DFO to cancel northern cod stock assessment

Thirty years after the cod moratorium, DFO said they also won't be able to do a full assessment on the province's capelin stock.

N.L. fisheries' union head calls federal minister 'grossly misinformed' over reported climate change comments

Murray allegedly said in January that her goal as minister is to leave as many fish in the ocean as possible and grow as much ocean vegetation as possible to absorb carbon to combat climate change.

DFO scientists' union says members' work in N.L. undermined by industry and political interference

The union representing scientists at Fisheries and Oceans Canada is accusing lobbyists, industry, senior members of the department and at least one politician of undermining the work of their members in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Record crab and lobster prices drive value of N.L. landings past billion-dollar mark

The Newfoundland and Labrador fishing industry is riding high following a banner year that saw the value of landings top $1 billion for the first time.

Southern Newfoundland cod stocks expected to be in 'critical zone' until early 2024

A federal Department of Fisheries assessment earlier this month revealed an increase in natural mortality and low recruitment levels of cod stocks.

Fight over emerging redfish fishery amps up as offshore sector bites back

A fight over access to what some are calling the world's largest biomass of redfish amped up in St. John's on Wednesday, with a high-profile fisheries executive accusing a union of unethical and divisive behaviour.

Provincial government backs N.S. seafood companies in redfish row

The Nova Scotia government is siding with seafood companies from the province in an increasingly bitter fight over who will get access to the massive redfish population in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The redfish fishery is returning. So is angst about quotas

A coalition led by the union representing workers in Newfoundland and Labrador's fishing industry is sounding the alarm about plans for an emerging commercial redfish fishery.

Water deductions centre stage as harvesters hold out on sea cucumber fishery

Changes to how the water content of sea cucumbers is deducted from its price at the wharf are keeping harvesters out of the water this summer, despite a 10-cent-per-pound increase in price from last year.

After almost 3 decades, cod are still not back off N.L. Scientists worry it may never happen

The latest assessment of Atlantic cod stocks, whose collapse crushed the economy of Newfoundland and Labrador, has scientists worried the species will never recover without drastic change within the federal Fisheries Department.

Seals not significantly affecting health of northern cod stocks, says DFO

A federal scientist weighed into the contentious debate over the health of cod stocks Thursday, saying seal predation is not significantly influencing the spawning stock biomass of the iconic groundfish.

Cod fishery closure 'not going to happen on my watch,' says Liberal MP

Fish harvesters held a rally in Clarenville on Wednesday over growing concern that the federal government may shut down the cod fishery in 3Ps.

N.L. fisheries minister calls for pause of south coast fishery decision as feds float idea of moratorium

Newfoundland and Labrador Fisheries Minister Elvis Loveless is calling on federal Fisheries Minister Bernadette Jordan to shut down any suggestion of mothballing the 3Ps cod fishery, citing concerns over modelling and the science used.

FFAW calls for rejection of possible shutdown of south coast cod fishery

The union representing workers in Newfoundland and Labrador's fishery is calling for the rejection of a possible closure to the 3Ps cod fishery on Newfoundland's south coast. 

Capelin moratorium essential after bleak stock report, say conservation groups

The latest assessment of capelin stocks in the waters of Newfoundland and Labrador paints a grim picture of the health of this forage fish, and that's intensified the debate over whether a commercial harvest should continue.

Groups divided on fishing capelin, but all agree: more data is essential

World Wildlife Fund-Canada is calling for a halt to the commercial capelin fishery in Newfoundland and Labrador, while the fisheries union and the association representing the province's seafood producers say it's unreasonable to stop fishing a stock that hasn't been adequately assessed.

DFO has a new plan for northern cod stocks. It doesn't include more fishing

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has released its plan to boost northern cod numbers — a plan that the fisheries union in Newfoundland and Labrador blasts as being more about resettling communities than rebuilding stocks.

Danish company Royal Greenland buying 4 more N.L. fish plants

A Crown corporation owned by the Greenland government is set to become the largest fish processor in Newfoundland and Labrador, dramatically changing the landscape of the province's fish-processing industry.

Fish harvesters happy to see federal money but still have questions

The union for fish harvesters in the province says it is happy to see money coming its way, but is tempering its optimism until it sees how the program rolls out.