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Clock ticking on FISH-NL's 2nd certification drive

The upstart union's second membership drive wraps up Friday, when they'll need 4,000 members to prompt a vote on certification and the chance to unseat the FFAW as the inshore fishing industry's bargaining unit.

Aquaculture conference overshadowed by fish die-off, bickering

An aquaculture conference in St. John's is being overshadowed by a massive fish die-off and a war of words between industry leaders and the fisheries union.

Northern Harvest's failure to report die-off in salmon pens hurts public trust: Byrne

The province's largest fishermen's union says the die-off in Fortune Bay raises questions about open-net pen farming, but the fisheries minister says there's no public health risk.

Police called as FISH-NL execs crash FFAW meeting in Baie Verte

FISH-NL president Ryan Cleary says he didn't barge in on the meeting in search of a confrontation, but a confrontation is what he got.

2-week turnaround tough bid for outside cod buyers, says Gerry Byrne

The two-week window for outsiders to purchase cod from the province's fish harvesters passed without any buyers, according to the fisheries and land resources minister.

After 24 years, CBRM committee set to make its first ruling

Cape Breton Regional Municipality has revived a committee that has only met once before in the municipality's 24-year history. In all that time, the fences arbitration committee has never made a ruling, but that seems about to change.

FFAW vows to stop oil and gas exploration in crab fishing area

'If we've got to do it we'll go out with our vessels and we'll get in the way,' says a union executive member.

In light of seal predation report, FFAW calls for government action

Union head Keith Sullivan fears Newfoundland and Labrador will share the same fate as the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence as it deals with a striking drop in cod stocks.

PCs' policy on fish processing cost the industry millions, says Gerry Byrne

Two years after CETA took effect, the provincial fisheries minister says Tory exemptions devalued the industry during negotiations.

More consultation with harvesters needed before approval of Grieg aquaculture project, says FFAW

A union is calling for more consultation with fish harvesters before the provincial government considers approval for three marine aquaculture sites in Placentia Bay.

Oil and gas out of N.L. marine protected areas, welcome in marine refuges

A federal government decision banned all oil and gas activity in an ecologically sensitive area on one side of Newfoundland and maintained its welcome in a marine refuge on the other side.

Small rebound for N.L.'s northern cod, but stock still in critical zone

The stock still has a ways to go before it's out of the so-called critical zone.

Capelin in slightly better shape, but numbers still down, says DFO

This year's stock assessment shows capelin are bigger and in better condition, but their numbers are far below 1990 levels, just before a major collapse.

'Put the crab back on the table,' frustrated fishermen chant at rally

Hundreds of fishermen and plant workers filled a downtown St. John's hotel Wednesday to rally against what they called poor decision-making by federal fisheries managers. 

Northern shrimp stock plunges off the coast of Labrador

The decline is in areas mostly harvested by the offshore industry, but stocks are up slightly in the region where most of the inshore fishing is done.

Axed jobs and closed plants loom, warn crab harvesters about new management approach

Crab harvesters are nervous a new management approach for snow crab will bankrupt the industry.

Biologists wonder how many seabirds are dead after Husky oil spill off N.L.

The slightest bit of oil can cause a murre to die of hypothermia in the North Atlantic.

Province touts record offshore bids of $1.38B, but lots to be done yet

Among the list of things that need to be addressed are environmental and safety concerns.

Ryan Cleary says FISH-NL needs cash — or else it will fold

"This new call will be the deciding factor for the future of FISH-NL."

FFAW seeking clarification on EI extension for fishery

President Keith Sullivan hearing concern that plant workers are covered but fish harvesters are not.

Disappointed by cut to cod quota, FFAW president says stocks can handle larger harvest

The president of Newfoundland and Labrador's largest fishermen's union says the province's cod stocks can handle a greater harvest and didn't need to see this year's quota cut.

No mutiny: FFAW bans all FISH-NL supporters from running in its elections

The FFAW has changed its constitution to ban anyone who signed a card with FISH-NL from running for an executive position.

End the recreational fishery, says head of Association of Seafood Producers

The executive director from the Association of Seafood Producers is making a bold call, suggesting a full halt to the recreational cod fishery.

Throw out FISH-NL application, FFAW says after labour board ruling

A new ruling is proof that FISH-NL has insufficient support to trigger a ratification vote, says union president Keith Sullivan.

'Protected' marine area open to oil, gas exploration

Newfoundland and Labrador's offshore oil and gas regulator is taking bids for exploration off the island's east coast, in an area the federal government recently listed as a marine-protected area.

FFAW: 'More work needs to be done' to prevent harassment in workplace

The Fish, Food and Allied Workers' union says it needs to do more to make its workplaces safer, after an employee detailed her own struggles with sexual harassment at the office.

Northern shrimp stocks shrink to lower levels

Scientists in the Department of Fisheries and Oceans are warning that shrimp stocks have continued to decline in one of the key fishing areas.

Disagreement ongoing about vulnerable south coast cod fishery

Can the offshore cod fishery off Newfoundland's south coast support offshore fishing? Depends on who you ask.

Calvin Tobin's family should get $15K from Sun Life, says FFAW didn't know insurance plan

Calvin Tobin's family should qualify for half of his death benefit and they say the FFAW did not know its own insurance policy.

A day late, $30,000 short: Union blames insurer for denying death benefit to fisherman's family

It was never the decision of the Fish, Food and Allied Workers union to deny benefits to the family of a dead fisherman, says the union's president.

Fisheries groups upset over seismic testing approval, find common ground in disapproval

The C-NLOPB has approved offshore seismic testing to take place in prime fishing areas on the Grand Banks.

No commitments from Ottawa about ice compensation for fish plant workers

Meetings were held in Ottawa this week to address compensation for fish plant workers affected by a slow start to the season because ice grounded harvesters.

Too dangerous to go fishing due to ice, Coast Guard warns

The Canadian Coast Guard says it's very dangerous on the northeast coast of Newfoundland because of heavy ice that's packed in to bays due to last weekend's storm.

Meeting yes, media no: FFAW to hear from protesters but not interested in 'spectacle'

FFAW president Keith Sullivan will meet with fishermen who protested outside the union building on Monday, but he's not interested in what he called a "spectacle" that could "embarass" the union.

Trapped in Twillingate: Iced-in crab fishermen need compensation, FFAW says

Six fishing boats heading to the crab grounds off of Newfoundland are being held up by ice off of Twillingate's Harbour.

Gutting of quota 'nail in the coffin' for inshore shrimp industry, says FFAW

The fisheries union in Newfoundland and Labrador says a massive reduction in quotas off the province's northeast coast will devastate the inshore shrimp industry.

Cod an option in face of looming shrimp cuts, says FFAW

The head of the FFAW says inshore fish harvesters could start to look for options in a cod fishery as another cut to shrimp quotas looks likely.

Head to head: FISH-NL challenges FFAW to public debate

FISH-NL's Ryan Cleary is challenging the leadership of the FFAW to a public debate, in the latest salvo between the two groups vying to represent the province's fish harvesters.

FFAW claims harvesters revoking signed support for FISH-NL

The president of the Fish, Food and Allied Workers Union (FFAW) says some fish harvesters are having a change of heart about FISH-NL.

FISH-NL claims significant progress in membership drive

FISH-NL said Monday its campaign to sign up fish harvesters in Newfoundland and Labrador has seen more than 9,000 membership cards distributed in the province.

FFAW's threat complaints an attempt to tarnish FISH-NL: Cleary

FISH-NL head Ryan Cleary says a Fish Food and Allied Workers Union (FFAW) complaint about violent threats is an attempt to unfairly tarnish his new group.

Federal government looks to make fishing industry safer

The federal minister of transport and the head of the Fish, Food and Allied Workers agree the fishing industry could be safer.

FFAW charges breakaway group could hurt fish harvesters

Fish, Food and Allied Workers Union president Keith Sullivan says breakway FISH-NL group could benefit offshore fishing companies at the expense of members.

Fish harvesters upset with FFAW exchange heated words in Corner Brook office

A gathering of angry fish harvesters grew heated in Corner Brook on Monday after harvesters marched into the FFAW local office and exchanged words with staff members.

FFAW president responds to Ryan Cleary: Union needs co-operation, not division

A new union won't solve the fishing industry's problems, says the head of the Fish, Food and Allied Workers union.

'Mixed emotions' and a 'devastating effect': Union president, fisheries minister react to shrimp quota cut

THe FFAW's Keith Sullivan and Provincial Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Steve Crocker spoke out Friday on the federal fisheries department's decision to cut 42 per cent of the shrimp quota off Area 6.

'More questions than there are answers,' FFAW says on scrapped LIFO policy

The controversial "Last In, First Out" policy is gone, but a union president says there are still concerns about what will happen to quotas for inshore fishermen in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Avoid 'cherry-picking' from report that calls for end of LIFO, says Earle McCurdy

The former head of the fisheries union says a panel report calling for an end to the Last In, First Out (LIFO) policy is a big step in the right direction.

FFAW, fish processors come together to revitalize groundfishery

As shellfish stocks decline in Newfoundland and Labrador, the province’s major fishery union and a number of fish processors are putting aside their differences and coming together to help rebuild the ground fishery.

Offshore shrimp fishery more valuable than inshore, economist says

A Memorial University economist says Newfoundland and Labrador benefits more per tonne if shrimp is caught by the offshore harvesters, rather than the inshore harvesters.

Better jobs, not foreign workers, the answer to labour shortages, says FFAW

The president of the Fish Food and Allied Workers union says it's better to invest in long-term local solutions to any worker shortages, instead of hiring foreign workers.

'About survival of our communities:' shrimp protesters tell Ottawa to choose local over 'foreign interests'

"This is about survival of our communities," say protesters who want the offshore fishing fleet to bear the brunt of cuts to northern shrimp quotas.

FFAW members beat union in court battle over scallop compensation fund

It was a David versus Goliath battle, that ended with a court ruling in favour of fishermen.

'This is a crisis': FFAW calls for halt to northern shrimp harvesting

The FFAW is calling for an immediate halt to the harvesting of shrimp in shrimp harvesting area 6 due to steep declines in stocks.

Timeline of proposed aquaculture expansion deemed too fast

Fishers, biologists and salmon anglers advising caution when it comes to expansion of aquaculture industry in this province, writes Jane Adey.

Prominent fisherman 'hit the ceiling' after Gail Shea election loss

Some leaders in the Newfoundland and Labrador fishing industry can hardly contain their enthusiasm about this week's convincing election win by the federal Liberals and their leader, prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau.

FFAW, mayors launch campaign to promote rural issues

Just weeks before a provincial election, two mayors joined with the Fish, Food and Allied Workers Union to launch a campaign to support a renewed rural Newfoundland.

Not clear how TPP will affect fishery, says FFAW's Keith Sullivan

The president of the fisheries union says without actual detailed information about the TPP agreement, it's hard to tell what the benefits and concerns may be for the fishery.

Rare election challenge for one of FFAW's top jobs

An outspoken Southern Shore fisherman may shake up the provincial fisheries union with his plan to seek the No. 2 job, writes Fisheries Broadcast host Jamie Baker.

FFAW members protest federal 'attacks' on N.L. fisheries

Members of the Fish, Food, and Allied Workers union rallied in Corner Brook Thursday, angry with federal policies that they say unfairly disadvantage Newfoundland and Labrador.

FFAW and WWF sign agreement to ensure sustainable future cod fishery

An agreement signed Tuesday by Newfoundland and Labrador's largest fisheries workers union and the World Wildlife Fund of Canada is expected to breathe new life into Newfoundland and Labrador's moribund northern cod fishery

Ottawa should scrap 'last in, first out' policy, say fishermen

Newfoundland and Labrador politicians and fishermen were in Gander today, to call on Ottawa to scrap a northern shrimp fishery policy known as 'LIFO'.

Cod fishery extended into spawning season … again

Inshore fish harvesters on the south coast of Newfoundland are accusing DFO and the FFAW of using the guise of science to allow large company-owned trawlers to catch cod during a time that is traditionally closed for cod spawning.

Earle McCurdy in the running for NDP leadership

The former union head at Fish, Food and Allied Workers held a news conference on Tuesday to announce he will seek to replace Lorraine Michael as leader of the provincial NDP.

FFAW's Keith Sullivan on what's ahead for the fishery in 2015

While sectors of Newfoundland and Labrador's fishery are as robust as they have been in a number of years, there is still the looming threat of federal quota cuts and harvesting challenges facing other sectors.

Earle McCurdy's return to the FFAW not 'double dipping,' says union

The new president of the FFAW says the union needs to keep Earle McCurdy on board, to deal with special projects that he was heavily involved with, prior to his recent retirement as president.

Why FFAW head Keith Sullivan will be tested early, and often

Keith Sullivan may be an unknown outside the FFAW, but as Jamie Baker writes, he has a reputation as a rational individual who also happens to be the first president who earned money in a boat.

Keith Sullivan picked as new president of FFAW

The Fish, Food and Allied Workers union has elected Keith Sullivan, assistant to outgoing president Earle McCurdy, as his successor.