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'Strong message' from voters as re-elected N.L. Liberals see sharp drop in support

Newfoundland and Labrador is sending all but one of its incumbent MPs back to Ottawa, but each candidate lost support.

Jordan Brown sworn in as Labrador West MHA

Following a recount that confirmed his win, Jordan Brown was officially sworn in as the New Democratic MHA for Labrador West on Tuesday.

Retail plastic bags getting the boot in Happy Valley-Goose Bay as of Jan. 1

The provincial government has ban plans, but Happy Valley-Goose Bay's town council doesn't want to wait.

All but 1 of province's newly elected MHAs to be sworn in June 10

For 39 of Newfoundland and Labrador's newly elected MHAs, June 10 is their swearing in day, but one will have to wait until a judicial recount is done for Labrador West.

Captain Molly Kool icebreaker named for pioneering seafarer

"She was pursuing a dream," says Gov. Gen. Julie Payette of first North American woman to become a sea captain.

PCs' policy on fish processing cost the industry millions, says Gerry Byrne

Two years after CETA took effect, the provincial fisheries minister says Tory exemptions devalued the industry during negotiations.

Crosbie breaks silence, backtracking from fiery speech on election night

The PC leader says his remarks failed to recognize his party's achievements and its commitment to making the government work.

A compromised Judy Foote? Let's talk about Ches Crosbie, hyperbole and selective memory

Ches Crosbie's assertion that Lt-Gov. Judy Foote is "constitutionally compromised" is a serious exaggeration, and overlooks the vice-regal history of Crosbie's own father, writes Terry Roberts.

Ches Crosbie is not talking — neither is Dwight Ball. But this MHA is back to work

The day after a historic election, here's what some politicians are doing.

Judy Foote denies partisanship after Crosbie levels accusations on election night

A spokesperson for Judy Foote says she made a vow to shed any partisanship, but no vows to lose her friends.

High stakes and key political battlegrounds: These are the races to watch

The NDP hopes its leader can enter the legislature while incumbents prepare for stiff competition.

Conservatives, NDP call for emergency committee meeting on Mark Norman case

The opposition parties are forcing an emergency meeting of the national defence committee to investigate the government's conduct in the Mark Norman trial. 

N.L. PCs, Liberals exchange jabs to kick off campaign for May 16 election

Liberal Leader Dwight Ball and PC Leader Ches Crosbie exchanged jabs at brief rallies during Wednesday-evening news shows.

CBC Here and Now April 16, 2019

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May 15 set for Newfoundland and Labrador election, sources say

Premier Dwight Ball is set to visit Lt.-Gov. Judy Foote at Government House on Wednesday, Liberal sources say.

CBC Edmonton News April 16, 2019

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Sure, N.L. is going to ban plastic bags, but how, and when?

Plastic bag ban a 'pre-election ploy,' says plastics association.

Throne speech touts Atlantic Accord but offers little by way of new plans

The 48th session of the province's legislature got underway on Thursday, with the lieutenant-governor reading from a throne speech that was mostly devoid of any new details.

Heather Smith's Ebb & Flow wins the 2018 Winterset Prize

Smith's 2018 book, one of this year's three finalists, was announced as the 2018 winner at Government House in St. John's on Thursday.

Christopher Pratt, Kaetlyn Osmond to receive order of Newfoundland and Labrador

Figure skating champion Kaetlyn Osmond and renowned Canadian painter Christopher Pratt will be receiving the highest honour in her home province — the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador. There will be 10 new inductees at a Jan. 29 ceremony.

'Boys' group' no more as woman to lead CLB for 1st time in 126 years

The group started in 1892, with only men holding the top spot since then. Until now.

Disability advocate, Innu leader and poverty activist lauded for human rights efforts

The Newfoundland and Labrador Human Rights Commission recognized three women for their contributions.

A Foote in the door at The Rooms, and a portrait of patronage on its walls

Qualifications? Connections? In the Carla Foote hiring, there are many questions yet to be answered, writes Anthony Germain

Frigate design decision challenged in Federal Court, putting $60B program in limbo

One of the losing bidders in the competition to design the navy’s next generation of warships has asked the Federal Court to overturn the recent decision to award the deal to a group of companies led by Lockheed Martin Canada.

Premier defends hiring for executive position at The Rooms without competition

Dwight Ball doubled down Monday in the House of Assembly on the appointment of longtime Liberal staffer Carla Foote to a senior job at The Rooms.

Patronage allegations mount as opposition slams no-competition hire at The Rooms

"This feeds into the cynicism that exists right now about the whole political process."

Well-connected Liberal staffer lands high-paying civil service job at The Rooms, without competition

Tourism minister says there was an "imminent need" to fill the position, even though it had been vacant for two years.

'Who are they protecting?': Vice-Admiral Norman's trial erupts in Commons

The criminal case facing the military’s former second-in-command moved from the legal to the political arena Monday as the Conservative opposition accused the Liberal government of blocking Vice-Admiral Mark Norman’s right to a fair trial.

Your Ward News is back, but community group still fighting to ban 'explosive hate rag'

A group called Standing Together Against Mailing Prejudice (STAMP) says it will do everything it can to stop the publishers of the controversial Your Ward News from delivering copies to people’s mailboxes.

Going with the flow as Government House hosts outdoor tai chi

Finding zen is easier on a hot, sunny day on the lawn.

Government House yoga draws a crowd, including Judy Foote

The province's lieutenant-governor was among the dozens of people doing sun salutations on the lawn of Government House in St. John's Wednesday.

How far behind schedule is Canada's shipbuilding program? Ottawa won't say

Federal officials running the country’s multi-billion dollar shipbuilding program are refusing to say how badly off-track the schedule is for the delivery of new naval supply ships and the Canadian Coast Guard’s planned heavy icebreaker — even though they’ve known since last fall.

Judy Foote celebrates 'a new day, a new beginning' at historic swearing-in

Foote adds the title to an already impressive resume that includes veteran politician, breast cancer survivor, wife and mother.

Meet the 102-year-old nun who shatters stereotypes about advanced age

Sister Helen Bonia has some simple advice: "Use your brain."

Indigenous art lines walls of Government House in 'Reclamation' gallery

Colonial art was taken off the walls at Government House this week and replaced with the works of Indigenous art from Newfoundland and Labrador artists.

Cronyism or merit? Footing the bill for new lieutenant-governor

Can we afford to pay for a chateau and all its servants?

Judy Foote is 'honoured' to be named 1st female lieutenant-governor in N.L.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says she is the "perfect choice."

DND gas mask fight a sign of toxic Canada/U.S. trade climate, say experts

A U.S. company's complaint of bias and back-room shenanigans in a Canadian military contract has resulted in a military police investigation and a public works oversight review, CBC News has learned. Both turned up no evidence of wrongdoing, but experts say it's a spillover from an increasingly toxic trade relationship.

Canada Post promise not broken, Trudeau maintains

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his government didn't break a promise when it said it would not restore door-to-door mail delivery to households who had been converted to community mailboxes under the Harper government.

Top 5 political blunders: Phoenix fail

Liberals to miss second self-imposed deadline for Canada Post review: official

The federal Liberals will miss a second self-imposed deadline for deciding whether to restore door-to-door mail delivery to thousands of Canadians, says a government spokeswoman.

Liberal Churence Rogers wins Bonavista-Burin-Trinity byelection

Bonavista-Burn-Trinity will stay red, with Churence Rogers winning handily for the Liberals in the federal byelection.

What to watch as Trudeau, Scheer face test in 4 byelections

Justin Trudeau's Liberals are looking to wrest a second seat away from Andrew Scheer's Conservatives in four federal byelections being held Monday at the midpoint of the government's four-year mandate.

Low advance vote in Bonavista-Burin-Trinity byelection

The turnout of 1,040 was less than half the 2,874 who voted in advance polls for the 2015 general election.

Inflating job numbers in Grand Bank

Though he lives in Calgary, owner Harold Warner says he wouldn't dream of moving his operations out of Grand Bank.

Churence Rogers is Liberal candidate in Bonavista-Burin-Trinity

Rogers, a Liberal organizer and former president of the N.L. Federation of Municipalities, will run in a riding that's been a Liberal stronghold.

Upcoming byelections to provide glimpse of 2019's decisive battlegrounds

Four byelections have been called for Dec. 11, and two of them will take place in the most important electoral battlegrounds of the next federal election.

4 federal byelections, including in Judy Foote's former riding, set for December

A replacement for longtime Liberal MP Judy Foote will soon be heading to Ottawa, with a byelection now set for Dec. 11. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the byelection date for four ridings on Sunday afternoon.

Surf clam decision has Merv Wiseman rattling inside his Liberal shell

Merv Wiseman is speaking out against changes to the surf clam quota, a decision made by a government he hopes to join in the House of Commons.

Search and rescue advocate Merv Wiseman announces candidacy for federal Liberal nomination

Merv Wiseman has officially announced his candidacy for the federal Liberal nomination in Bonavista-Burin-Trinity.

Another Foote in the House of Commons? Marystown Mountie wants Judy Foote's job

He's not related to former MP Judy Foote, but RCMP Staff Sgt. Dale Foote says he wants to carry on her legacy in the House of Commons.

New mandate letter makes fixing Phoenix pay system minister's No. 1 priority

Fixing the troubled Phoenix pay system is the No. 1 priority for Public Services and Procurement Minister Carla Qualtrough, according to an updated mandate letter from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that seems to acknowledge the breadth of technology and procurement problems facing the department.

Pete Soucy to say 'so long, Snook' — if elected as MP

The St. John's actor, comedian, and former radio talk show host says the opportunity appealed to him as soon as Judy Foote announced her resignation from politics in August.

Judy Foote talks courage, cancer and family during final House of Commons speech

Judy Foote stood one final time and spoke of courage, cancer and family.

PSAC protests Phoenix pay problems at St. John's hotel where PM, cabinet meet

People rallied in the rain over the problem-plagued Phoenix pay system, outside of a St. John's hotel - at the same time Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the federal cabinet were inside.

Federal cabinet meeting a chance to press government on N.L. issues

Federal cabinet ministers are going to be hearing about Newfoundland and Labrador issues when they meet in St. John's.

Justin Trudeau kicking off 3-day cabinet retreat in St. John's with Come from Away forum

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his federal cabinet will be in St. John's, Newfoundland for the next few days.

Phoenix payroll fiasco affecting 3 in 10 federal student workers

Nearly 30 per cent of students working for the federal government are experiencing trouble with their pay, according to documents obtained by Radio-Canada.

Another doctor is in: Philpott joins Bennett in pursuit of reconciliation

There were other subplots to Monday's cabinet shuffle — political stocks rising and falling — but only Jane Philpott could use the word "historic" in her post-shuffle news conference.

Who's who in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's cabinet shuffle

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has shuffled his cabinet moving some ministers into new positions and promoting or elevating others from minor positions or from outside cabinet altogether. Here is a look at the new jobs being taken up by six of his MPs.

Phoenix problems worsen in wake of labour deals, MP says

The parliamentary secretary to the minister in charge of the troubled Phoenix pay system is blaming recently ratified labour agreements for a glut of fresh cases that's further straining efforts to fix a problem that appears to be growing by the day.

Trudeau remakes Indigenous Affairs Ministry, adds 2 rookies to cabinet

The Liberal government is splitting the Ministry of Indigenous and Northern Affairs in an effort to end "colonial" structures and build stronger relations with First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples.

Judy Foote is stepping down from federal politics

"I am going to miss the opportunity to make a difference," says the former Minister of Public Services and Procurement

Cabinet resignation gives Trudeau chance to sharpen government's focus on getting results: Chris Hall

Judy Foote’s departure as the only federal cabinet minister from Newfoundland and Labrador leaves Prime Minister Trudeau with a choice between tinkering with his inner circle and reinforcing that his government intends to get results.

Who wants Judy Foote's seat? A former Tory and some of her protégés hedge their bets

Here's a look at who might want to replace Judy Foote as the MP for Bonavista-Burin-Trinity.

'My time will be their time': Judy Foote resigns from federal cabinet, to leave as MP in September

Foote has been on leave since April and said Thursday that she cannot put family first and represent her constituents and do cabinet work at the same time.

Memo raises doubts about who was 'architect' of residential schools

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau agreed in June to strip the name Langevin from a public building because of an association with residential schools. But an internal federal document obtained by CBC News raises doubts about Hector-Louis Langevin's role as architect of the system.

Dozens of MPs also collecting government pensions

Dozens of MPs are collecting thousands of dollars a year in pensions — several of them from the same federal government that issues their six-figure paycheques, CBC News has learned.

Botched procurement delays inflatable boats for military

It seemed a straightforward deal — an order for 350 inflatable boats for the military. But Public Services and Procurement Canada has had to cancel a $6.4-million deal and start from scratch after bureaucrats twice messed up the tendering process.

Casey unsure that door-to-door delivery will be restored

Member of Parliament for Charlottetown Sean Casey said he is not as confident as he was two years ago that the Canada Post review will lead to the restoration of door-to-door delivery, but he is hopeful that the government makes the right decision.

Trudeau's silence on Payette's expunged assault charge shows double standard: Robyn Urback

It's not far-fetched to think that if it was discovered that a male governor general had an assault charge in his past — even if it was entirely unfounded — Trudeau would seize the opportunity to evangelize about male aggression and domestic violence.

Deadline for decision on Canada Post home delivery missed as Liberals ponder way forward

The decision on whether to restore home delivery of mail is delayed. The government had promised a decision by this past spring, but now says it needs more time to consider the "complex issue."

'Zero chance' of a cabinet shuffle this summer, senior official says

As cabinet ministers head back to their ridings this summer, a senior government official says they can be secure in the knowledge that they won't be shuffled out of their job before Parliament resumes sitting this fall.

Men behind 'hate-rag' newspaper charged with uttering threats

Two men behind a controversial newspaper banned by Canada Post are now facing criminal charges for words the editor-in-chief wrote about political strategists Warren and Lisa Kinsella.

Canadian firms missing out on government contracts, research shows

New research out of the University of Ottawa's Telfer School of Management shows only a meagre fraction of small- and and medium-size companies in Canada are doing business with the federal government.

Nunavut senator working to fast-track Phoenix pay system issues in the territory

Nunavut's senator is hearing good news when it comes to getting help for federal employees in the territory affected by the flawed Phoenix pay system. He said he can help fast-track Nunavummuit who are facing issues.

Why did the Liberals in leaky old Ottawa get so angry about shipbuilding stories?

One of the most curious aspects of the criminal investigation involving Vice-Admiral Mark Norman is the notion that one particular leak, involving the navy's deal to acquire a temporary supply ship, stood out among all of the other leaks that flood Canada's capital on a weekly basis.

Sober second look? National portrait gallery gets bipartisan Senate support

In a rare show of unity, a bipartisan group of senators have rallied in support of an idea thought long-forgotten — turning the old U.S. embassy in Ottawa into a national portrait gallery.

Allegations against military's No. 2 spelled out after months of rumours

RCMP believe the military's second-in-command slipped cabinet information to a Quebec shipyard that is outfitting a cargo ship to act as a naval supply vessel, court records made public Wednesday show.

Judy Foote taking leave of absence, cites personal and family reasons

Judy Foote will be stepping away from her post as a federal minister on a temporary basis to take care of family matters

Admiral told a friend he was 'exhausted' by internal shipbuilding battles

Suspended Vice-Admiral Mark Norman considered resigning because of what he perceived was political interference in the navy's attempt to secure an interim supply ship, CBC News has learned.

Irving concerned 'speed of decision-making' in Ottawa will add to shipbuilding gap

Federal officials have been discussing a proposal to build up to two additional light icebreakers for the Canadian Coast Guard at Halifax's Irving Shipyard, CBC News has learned. The plan would allow work to continue at the site while Ottawa finalizes its delayed navy frigate replacement program.

Process to review minister's Canada Post bans not timely or transparent, lawyer says

A review of a decision by a federal cabinet minister to ban two men from using Canada Post is more than six months behind schedule, according to the department's own draft timetable obtained by CBC News.

Liberals urged to scrap 19th century rule that requires laws be printed in books

Does it still make sense for the federal government to spend $100,000 a year to print its new laws in book form?

St. Lawrence fluorspar mine gets $5M from feds, hundreds of jobs touted

The federal government has announced a major investment in the fluorspar mine on Newfoundland's Burin Peninsula.

DND leak investigation started under Tories, expanded under Liberals

The RCMP investigation into leaks at National Defence is wide-ranging, long-standing and involves suspects other than the country's vice-chief of defence staff, CBC News has learned.

The Phoenix generation

One public servant's story of her "maternity leave from hell" has prompted a deluge of calls from other frustrated employees who are dealing with their own parental leave nightmares.

Ottawa's high-tech innovators build wish list ahead of budget

The federal government will release its "innovation budget" on March 22, and entrepreneurs across eastern Ontario will be watching with their wish lists in hand.

$100M for N.L. in new fisheries innovation fund; CETA fund dead

The compensation fund that was once promised as part of a Canada-European trade deal is dead, but the province says it's still coming out ahead.

B.C. shipyard awarded $230M contract to design navy's resupply ships

A North Vancouver shipyard has been handed a $230-million contract to finalize plans for the latest vessels in the federal government's national shipbuilding plan.

RCMP commissioner warns continued IT failures will have 'catastrophic' consequences

Canada's top cop says ongoing computer network failures and slipshod service from Shared Services Canada could have catastrophic consequences for police and the public.

Airbus search plane contract faces court challenge from losing bidder

A long-suffering plan to deliver new search planes to the air force has hit a new roadblock. The losing bidder in the fixed-wing search and rescue plane program has filed a Federal Court challenge. Leonardo S.p.A. cites cost and safety as reasons to toss out the decision to buy the Airbus C-295.

Cheques with your stamps? Unions call for postal banking in rural communities

It's time to bring banking back to post offices in rural communities, according to the unions representing Canadian postal workers.

Burin Peninsula communities mark 75th anniversary of naval disaster

The Burin Peninsula communities of St. Lawrence and Lawn marked the 75th anniversary of the disaster that left the USS Truxtun and USS Pollux shipwrecked and claimed the lives of 203 American sailors on Saturday.

Indigenous leaders want to strip name of residential school proponent from Langevin block

Indigenous leaders want the government to change the name of Langevin block, the building across from Parliament Hill that houses the Prime Minister's Office, because it is named after a strong proponent of the Residential School system.

Overpaid workers latest — but likely not last — problem for Phoenix pay system, opposition MPs say

The opposition parties say the overpayment of federal public servants is just the latest instalment in the Phoenix pay system and it won't be the last problem — as tax time approaches.

Gap in federal shipbuilding work could lead to Halifax shipyard layoffs

Irving wants Ottawa to give it additional work to make sure workers don't sit idle after the first fleet of Arctic patrol vessels is finished until work begins on the second.

RCMP investigate construction of Canada Post plant

RCMP are investigating the construction of the Canada Post mail processing plant, which was built by the company responsible for the Winnipeg police headquarters project that's been under investigation for two years.

Automated hiring system for federal interpreters postponed for 5th time

Now more than a year overdue, the software to hire freelance interpreters is under scrutiny by a Senate committee, concerned it could threaten the promise of bilingualism set out in the Official Languages Act.

10,000 cases remain in Phoenix pay problem backlog, cost could rise above $50M

About 10,000 cases of current and former public servants having problems getting paid properly remain in the federal government's backlog, and the overall price tag for fixing Phoenix pay system this year could rise above $50 million.