As the N.L. tech industry waits for the next Verafin, companies hope to fill 5,000 jobs

TechNL members say Newfoundland and Labrador’s growing tech industry is a golden opportunity for young people deciding on a career path — and may also be the answer to the province’s economic woes.

Universities, colleges taking varied approaches to COVID-19 as students set to return to campus

As students make their way onto Canadian post-secondary campuses for a new term, some may be facing starkly different pandemic protocols than when they last left. A patchwork of approaches is emerging, depending on the college or university.

Shortage of epidural supplies sparks concern for Alberta patients

Alberta doctors are preparing for a shortage of epidural supplies that could lead to tough decisions about who gets the "gold standard" in pain management and who doesn't.

From 4 to 1: Regional health authorities to be folded into single board

The 2022 Newfoundland and Labrador provincial budget includes sweeping changes to health care — but it isn’t yet clear how those changes will affect patients.

Masks still important when N.L. repeals mandate, doctor says

Public Health plans to lift COVID-19 restrictions in Newfoundland and Labrador in two weeks. But some public institutions may still require masks when the mandate lifts, and a medical school professor says masks still help to protect vulnerable people.

N.L. academics join call for international treaty to end fossil fuel production

A new open letter signed by thousands of academics, including some from Newfoundland and Labrador, is calling on governments around the world to adopt a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty.

30 hot Canadian classical musicians under 30, 2021 edition

Meet the young musicians burning up Canada's classical music scene.

Overseas Canadians doubling up on COVID-19 vaccines despite health unknowns

While most Canadians are celebrating after their second COVID-19 vaccine doses, many expatriate Canadians living and working overseas are opting for third and fourth jabs. They say they've been left with little choice but to re-vaccinate if they want to return to Canada in future and avoid Canada's 14-day hotel and quarantine provisions. 

Hospitalization of 3 COVID-19 patients reveals misunderstandings about vaccine

An epidemiologist says it's "a bit surprising" three people hospitalized in New Brunswick for COVID-19 had received at least one dose of vaccine, but he and other experts maintain the probability of "anything bad" happening to people once they've been vaccinated is "vanishingly small, but not zero."

N.L. offers 'cautionary' tale if federal election is held during pandemic

If the Newfoundland and Labrador provincial election is any indication, holding a federal election during the COVID-19 pandemic could prove tricky, according to political scientist Kelly Blidook of Memorial University in St. John's.

Governments lack key data on fly-in workers. Experts say it's putting them at risk

Periodic outbreaks of COVID-19 may be one of the best clues we have to the scale of the fly-in worker system across the global Arctic.

Do you leave your lights on until Old Christmas Day?

Some people still follow the old custom of leaving decorations up and lights shining until Old Christmas Day, Jan. 6. But where does the notion that it's bad luck to leave them up longer come from? We've got the answer, and a last look at a spectacular Christmas display in Petty Harbour.

A low-carbon future means a big demand for key minerals. Can N.L.'s mines cash in?

Increasing production for electric vehicles, solar panels and other products also means more extraction of key minerals, several of which are produced in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Memorial University offers free tuition to students formerly in foster care

Memorial University will offer free undergraduate tuition to 20 students formerly in foster care, beginning this spring.

Shutdowns across province as N.L. sees 3 new cases of COVID-19

There are three new cases of COVID-19 being reported in Newfoundland and Labrador on Sunday, marking the sixth consecutive day with new cases reported in the province.

Nasdaq buying N.L. online security company Verafin in $2.75B US deal

St. John's online security and anti-fraud company Verafin will be sold to global technology company Nasdaq for $2.75 billion US, the companies announced Thursday.

Most MUN classes to stay virtual this winter

Except for a few select faculties and classes, Memorial University courses will continue to be taught largely online this upcoming winter semester.

'Ecological anxiety' and the psychological toll of choking wildfire smoke

Smoke in the summer has become common in B.C., a province with a warming climate marked by longer, nastier wildfire seasons. As the environmental catastrophes become more regular, so too do the psychological consequences — a sensation called "ecological grief" or "ecological anxiety," caused by seeing loss in the natural world.

Shadow puppets tell a spooky tale of fun and love in new outdoor play

There’s a shadow hanging over the world of theatre these days. But this weekend, you can take in a brand new play where the shadows come to life, and you can watch in the safety of the outdoors.

Striking photo by MUN chemist in national contest that celebrates the art of science

Stephanie Gallant's colourful, abstract picture of tiny crystals is in the running for a national contest of scientific images.

MUN enrolment increases despite ghost town on campus

Classes begin today for the fall semester at Memorial University, and undergraduate learning has gone completely remote.

MUN blazes new policy path for Indigenous-related research

The university has brought in a new policy that it says is unique to Canada, requiring consultation with Indigenous groups before any research involving them can begin.

MUN, CNA partner with Corner Brook Pulp and Paper to expand Corner Brook operations

A new post-secondary education centre in Corner Brook will focus on research and innovation in the forestry sector.

MUN creates Labrador campus to grant university degrees in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Memorial University's base in the Big Land is getting a big bump, with the creation of a new, degree-granting campus in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Biologist behind groundbreaking Beothuk DNA study fighting ethics complaint

Steve Carr says he doesn't understand Memorial University's formal complaint about his work, which has the backing, funding and approval of a Mi'kmaq First Nation.