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Mom and son convenience store owners excited to sell pot in Labrador West

Tobin's Convenience is the only successful applicant to sell marijuana legally in Labrador and they're ecstatic to have been selected for the job.

Tobin's Convenience is the only retailer in Labrador to get a licence to sell marijuana

Brenda and Trevor Tobin own Tobin's Convenience along with other family members. They are ecstatic to have been awarded the only licence to sell cannabis in Labrador so far. (Jacob Barker/CBC)

So far, there will be only one place to buy legal marijuana in all of Labrador once the federal government passes the required legislation, and that's through Tobin's Convenience, a family-run business in Labrador City. 

"We're excited, we're anxious, we're nervous … we're just overjoyed. There's no words to express how you feel," owner Brenda Tobin told CBC News.

Tobin's is one of 24 retailers around the province selected by Cannabis NL, which is a branch of the provincial liquor corporation, and it's the only one approved so far in Labrador.

The marijuana will not be sold at this location on Hamilton Road, but at another store the Tobins own on Neal Drive. (Jacob Barker/CBC)

The liquor corporation said it has yet to receive any applications for central Labrador, where there is one licence up for grabs.

"To go down in history as being the first one, it's amazing," Tobin said.

It will be discreet but still the public will know where it is.- Brenda Tobin

"Why not be the first one to jump on board and do it?" said Trevor Tobin, Brenda's son, who helps run the business.

"We're not afraid of any of the challenges … any other opportunity that arises, we'll be going after it."

Another first

The shop prides itself on being ahead of the tide and is quick to embrace new concepts. It recently installed Labrador's first and only bitcoin machine.

"In the future, you might be buying cannabis with bitcoins," Trevor Tobin said.

Tobin's, which recently installed Labrador's only bitcoin machine, hopes people can one day pay for their marijuana with the cryptocurrency. (Jacob Barker/CBC)

They will not be selling the marijuana in their location on Hamilton Road, which is full of candy and things that would attract children, but rather in another store they own on Neal Drive, with a separate entrance for the marijuana shop.

"It will be discreet but still the public will know where it is," said Brenda Tobin. "The kids are not going to be around in that general area. That's very important to us as well."

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