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This little girl's TikTok video went viral, prompting a care package from Sobeys

One little girl's true love for Sobeys made her a viral hit on Facebook and TikTok in early April.

Viral video reached over 200,000 views on social media

Janessa Hand and Lucy Neal are stars of a viral video where Hand breaks the news to daughter that they will not be going to Sobeys that day. (Janessa Hand/Facebook)

One little girl's true love for Sobeys made her a viral hit on Facebook and TikTok in early April when her mother, Janessa Hand, posted the video of a sad moment while the duo waited in a Walmart parking lot in St. John's.

"It's got a lot of attention," Hand said of her video in which she breaks the bad news to nearly-two-year-old Lucy that they will not be going to Sobeys because of physical distancing measures.

She said the video has more than 200,000 views on TikTok alone. 

The video had done so well online, in fact, that it got the attention of Sobeys itself. 

The grocery company couldn't pass up the opportunity to brighten Lucy's day — a care package that arrived in the mail on Monday. 

"They sent her a little apron, and a gift card and a thank you letter," Hand said. "It's really nice to have a little bit of feedback and see that they enjoyed it too."

Hand said she thinks the obsession is connected to the tiny carts, and, of course, the free cookie from the bakery. 

"I guess she put two and two together and thought she was going in for her favourite thing," said Hand.

Lucy Neal is such a fan of Sobeys the company mailed her a care package as a thank-you for the video. (Janessa Hand/Facebook)

And the $100 gift card goes a long way. Hand said she hasn't been able to work since the pandemic began, leaving her family with one income.

"Yeah, it's going to help out a lot with groceries," she said.

Hand said the family is thankful for the positive feedback the video has gotten since it went online. The family plans to take a trip together to Sobeys once pandemic restrictions begin to lift, allowing for more than one person per-household to shop for necessities. 

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