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#ThrowbackThursday: 8 retro Blue Jays fan fashion statements

It's like 1993 all over again: High-waisted jeans, tiny backpacks — and the Blue Jays, back in the playoffs.

It's like 1993 all over again.

High-waisted jeans, tiny backpacks — and the Blue Jays are back in the playoffs.

The Blue Jays start their World Series quest Thursday afternoon, with game one of the American League Division Series.

In honour of that, let's take a break from 2015 to revisit some fashion statements from the Blue Jays golden years — all submitted to us by baseball fans, unafraid to expose their retro selves to the world.

Brace yourselves.

1. The '90s lasers

(Geoff Bartlett/CBC)

CBC reporter Geoff Bartlett broke out this school picture, calling it "the epitome of 1993".

We say it's geek-chic, ahead of its time. 

2. The rough-and-rugged fan

(Submitted by Matt Mansfield)

Did anyone tell Matt Mansfield that's NOT a bat?

3. Blue Jays from birth

(Submitted by Shannon King)

We can't handle the adorable-ness of Shannon King's brother, and his giant Jays hat. 

4. Looney Tunes ... and leather

(Submitted by Christopher Donovan)

Because it wouldn't be the '90s without a thug life Bugs Bunny.

5. Playoff beards

(Submitted by Justin Bowman)

Justin Bowman shows off his brother's sweatshirt from 1993. Is the beard vintage too?

 6. Shady characters

(Submitted by Hilary Winter)

Hillary and her brother Andrew Winter were obviously cool kids in the '90s. But Andrew's sunglasses seal the deal.

7. Ahead of her time

(Submitted by Amanda M Jean)

Amanda Jean jumped on the Blue Jays bandwagon early - in 1988!

8. Geek chic, Pt. 2

(Submitted by Tony Batten)

Taking a page from the Geoff Bartlett fashion playbook, or vice versa?

Either way: awesome.

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