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The force is female: Women dominate Sci-Fi costume contest

See the best and brightest cosplayers in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Top honours handed out at Sci-Fi on the Rock's annual competition

Nicole Maddox spent hundreds of hours getting her costume just right. She took home the top prize in the journeyman division at Sci-Fi on the Rock. (Andrew Sampson/CBC)

After a weekend full of festivities, Sci-Fi on the Rock came to a memorable close on Sunday at the convention's annual costume contest, showcasing some of the best and brightest cosplayers in the province.

Top honours this year went to three women: Nicole Maddox took the top prize in the journeyman division, Heather Lane came away with the win in the novices division, and Bailey Reid won best in show. 

Heather Lane did not come to play. She just started coming to conventions a few years ago, and knocked it out of the park her very first time in the costume contest. She's dressed as Master Jedi Shaak Ti from Star Wars. (Andrew Sampson/CBC)
Best in show! Bailey Reid, dressed as Thumbelina, was stunned when she found out she won top honours in the competition. She planned to celebrate by going home and watching some of her favourite movies, and eating some junk food! (Andrew Sampson/CBC)

Around 50 people participated in this year's competition at the Sheraton Hotel in St. John's, handcrafting their wardrobes and customizing their hair and makeup to ensure they looked flawless for the judges.

But win or lose, it was clear the convention was a blast for all participants, as cosplayers strutted their stuff and mugged for the crowd.

Take a look at some of their costumes in the photos below!

Macho Man Randy Savage struts his stuff during the costume contest at Sci-Fi on the Rock. (Andrew Sampson/CBC)
Beware of Bane! The Batman villain took no prisoners as he vanquished the crowd. (Andrew Sampson/CBC)
Mega Man, decked out in a homemade suit, shows off for the judges. (Andrew Sampson/CBC)
Cruella de Vil, always fashion forward, is the picture of glamour. (Andrew Sampson/CBC)
Any Bobs Burgers fans out there? Bob Belcher takes a break from his hamburger joint to share a story with the crowd at Sci-Fi on the Rock. (Andrew Sampson/CBC)

Sci-Fi on the Rock will return for its 13th convention next year.


Andrew Sampson is a journalist with CBC Marketplace in Toronto.