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Trevor Pardy trial : Crown says texts lured Triffie Wadman to fatal shooting

A series of text messages that were exchanged between Trevor Pardy and Triffie Wadman the night she died document the hours leading up to the fatal shooting and have been entered as evidence in the high-profile murder trial.

Key evidence highlighted by Crown prosecutor is text message records

Trevor Pardy stands trial for the 2011 shooting death of his ex-girlfriend Triffie Wadman, 30. (CBC)

A series of text messages that were exchanged between Trevor Pardy and Triffie Wadman the night she died document the hours leading up to the fatal shooting and have been entered as evidence in the high-profile murder trial.

Pardy, 38, is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Wadman, 30, on Boggy Hall Place in the west end of St. John's four years ago. 

His trial at Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador began Wednesday, and since then much of the focus has been on messages sent and received by Wadman in the hours and minutes before her death.

During opening statements, Crown prosecutor Iain Hollett alleged Pardy arranged to meet Wadman on the pretext of paying her back money but instead he shot her with a 9 mm semi-automatic handgun. 

The following is just a snippet of the texts that an 11-person jury will consider as part of the evidence.

Sept. 30, 2011, beginning at 9:07 p.m.

  • Pardy: "Why can't I be the only guy that matters to u?"
  • Wadman: "U are; u just dont believe it"
  • Pardy: "If I was u wouldn't need to be having secret communications with exs or other guys right."
  • Wadman: "I don't want to have this conversation via text. We can talk later in person when u come over with my money ok. Better face to face."
  • Pardy: "Normally; with exs; either u don't talk or just if u meet them somewhere or once in a blue moon or something; that's what people do; u should have no dealings with them like that like u do constantly; its not normal what u do."
  • Wadman: "Its certainly not constant communication."
  • Pardy: "Yes it is trif; admit it; u need it or u would stop it out of your love for me u would think."
  • Wadman: "Like I said we can talk all u want later in person; texting isnt the best for this type of conversation."
  • Pardy: "Why not?
  • Wadman: "Because."
  • Pardy: "Cause what?"
  • Wadman: "Because I think its better to talk in person; text is easily misinterpreted."
  • Pardy: "What was misinterpreted today?"
  • Wadman: "Listen; I just think its better to talk face to face; if u dont wanna do that thats ok too."

The conservation continues sporadically and at 11:08 p.m., Wadman asks Pardy if he is going to bring money with him when he meets her.

  • Wadman: "Are u going to bring my money with u when u come?"
  • Pardy: "I don't have to now???"
  • Wadman: "What?"
  • Pardy: "U should be staying here with me and give up the other guys or exs ya know."
  • Wadman: "Well thats not the way it is right now; Im here. We can talk about that after if u want. Are u bringing my money with u like u said u were?"
  • Pardy: "Let's go for a drive; or just park and talk I guess."

About an hour passes of the two exchanging messages back and forth, when Wadman asks Pardy if he is still going to meet her.

Oct. 1, 2011 12:12 a.m

  • Wadman: "Trevor its late are u coming now or waiting till tomorrow; I'm dropping tired."
  • Pardy: "Leaving now."
  • Wadman: "U Stopping to the bank first?"
  • Pardy: "No; cheque by."
  • Wadman: "Cheque? Stop to the bank first."
  • Pardy: "What's wrong with cheque; not gonna bounce."
  • Wadman: "Stop to the bank."
  • Pardy: "and its paper trail for us both."
  • Wadman: "Email it then. I don't want to accep aq cheque. Cash or email transfer is good."
  • Pardy: "Holy f--k."
  • Wadman: "Email it. Thats an electronic trail for us both."
  • Pardy: "Coming now."
  • Wadman: "Did u email the money or are u stopping at the bank?"
  • Pardy: "Bank."
  • Wadman: "Ok then. U can't come to the house; Chris is home; he doesn't want u near the house. I will meet u just up the street. Text me whe ur on the way from the bank."
  • Pardy: "On way; he's home? Tell him to come out lol
  • Wadman: "Would u try to act u age."
  • Pardy: "Tell that to ya f--king f----t friends."
  • Wadman: "Im too tired for this. just email me my money."
  • Pardy: "Shit disturbers who needs to be dealt with."
  • Wadman: "Im too tired for this. just email me my money."
  • Pardy: "I got money and will be there in minute; meet me up rd as before. Nope; u agreed to met me and talk and ill be there in minute."
  • Wadman: "Yeah; at 11.30. look at the clock recently?"
  • Pardy: "Yeah well I never got money until hour ago."
  • Wadman: "Email it."
  • Pardy: "Ow I'm here waiting. 5 mins ago u were meeting me and told me to text u now I'm here waiting with it."
  • Wadman: "K"

The last text message Wadman sent was at 12:54 a.m.

Wadman was shot shortly after 1 a.m.

Pardy's defence lawyer Bob Buckingham said Friday there is no evidence in the text messages that Pardy was luring Wadman to Boggy Hall Place. 

With files from Glenn Payette