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Terry Roberts is a journalist with CBC's bureau in St. John's.

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Nalcor a 'downtrodden organization' that needs a few wins, says board chair

Nalcor chairman Brendan Paddick spent much of his time at the Muskrat Falls inquiry Tuesday calling for a change in the tone towards the embattled Crown corporation.

Inquiry sheds light on $300M Muskrat mystery, and it's not good for bureaucrats

There’s now a better understanding of the curious and complex case of a head-scratching increase to the cost of Muskrat Falls, and the circumstances are not flattering for the provincial bureaucracy.

Taking a closer look at Ed Martin's Muskrat cost disclosure threshold

It’s become the primary focus of the Muskrat Falls public inquiry: Ed Martin’s approach to sharing cost information with the provincial government and the Crown corporation’s board of directors.

Ed Martin in the hot seat over Muskrat disclosures, transparency

Despite coming under intense fire over what's been called his lack of transparency on Muskrat Falls cost issues, former Nalcor CEO Ed Martin refused to admit any wrongdoing during a tense day of testimony at a public inquiry Wednesday.

Cathy Bennett, once a Muskrat Falls champion, now regrets her support

The former finance minister says she stood behind Muskrat Falls when she believed it could be built for $6.2 billion but regrets her support now that costs have soared.

Former Nalcor board chair takes soft tone on issues of Muskrat disclosures

Others have been shocked and angry at the level of disclosure by Nalcor in the early days of the Muskrat Falls project, but former board member Ken Marshall took a softer tone during testimony at the public inquiry Monday.

How Paul Harrington fought to protect the Muskrat team in the Stan Marshall era

A 2016 letter from the leader of the Muskrat Falls team to incoming Nalcor CEO Stan Marshall appears to blame Ed Martin for massive overruns, but Paul Harrington told the inquiry Thursday his intent was to protect his team.

Top Muskrat manager defends project team and his alleged resistance to oversight

A key leader with the Muskrat Falls project was put on the defensive Wednesday about the hiring of people to the management team and his alleged resistance to oversight.

Terra Nova FPSO overhaul will preserve jobs, extend flow of revenues to N.L. treasury

Suncor says extension will allow company to produce additional 80 million barrels of oil.

Muskrat oversight greeted with 'loveless embrace' by Nalcor team, inquiry learns

An committee established by the provincial government to oversee the Muskrat Falls project on behalf of taxpayers did not receive a warm reception from Nalcor, the former executive director of that committee told a public inquiry Monday.

'There was no bullying, sir': Muskrat manager denies he contributed to cost overruns

Scott O'Brien denied Friday that his behaviour or qualifications as a senior manager contributed to cost and schedule overruns at Muskrat Falls.

More blame for Astaldi as manager fingers contractor for Muskrat setbacks

Scott O'Brien was the latest Lower Churchill Project manager to lay much of the blame for the massive cost and schedule overruns at Muskrat Falls on the contractor, Astaldi.

Former top public servant regrets not challenging Nalcor more on Muskrat costs

"I feel accountable": Julia Mullaley admitted she should have pressed Nalcor harder on Muskrat Falls estimates prior to a key project milestone in 2013.

Top bureaucrat 'shocked and angered' at evidence of Nalcor project team's secrets

The former top public servant in Newfoundland and Labrador ripped into those leading the Muskrat Falls project for what they knew but failed to disclose, but former Nalcor CEO Ed Martin fired back.

Profit up at Nalcor but still no plan for Holyrood in Q1 report

Nalcor Energy is reporting increased profits, ongoing challenges with the Labrador-Island transmission line, and no firm plan for the future of the Holyrood thermal generating station.