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Terry Roberts is a journalist with CBC's bureau in St. John's.

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Equinor hires rig to drill in Flemish Pass Basin

Equinor Canada has finalized a contract for the semi-submersible rig Transocean Barents to carry out an exploration drilling program in the Flemish Pass Basin next year.

'No reason for alarm': Muskrat costs cited as big factor in N.L. credit rating downgrade

Newfoundland and Labrador's credit rating has taken a hit because of the province's 'elevated debt' and the massive cost of the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project, says credit rating agency Moody's.

Dwight Ball says he's not ready to don Muskrat jersey, as inquiry reaches milestone

The Muskrat Falls inquiry reached a significant milestone with the conclusion of Phase II on Friday, with Premier Dwight Ball providing a frosty overview of the troubled project.

A bruising day for Ed Martin as premier testifies at Muskrat inquiry

Premier Dwight Ball was on the stand Thursday as the inquiry into the over-budget hydroelectric project continued in St. John's.

A Nalcor populated with utility experts would never have approved Muskrat, says Stan Marshall

Nalcor CEO Stan Marshall testified Tuesday that experts in regulated utility operations would likely never have moved ahead with the Muskrat Falls project.

How Stan Marshall upended generation tunnel vision at Muskrat Falls

Stan Marshall says Nalcor was focused too much on building Muskrat when he arrived three years ago, and he moved quickly to change that.

Welcome, minister. We have a problem. Summing up Siobhan Coady's dizzying intro to Muskrat Falls

Siobhan Coady says she had barely warmed her seat as Minister of Natural Resources in late 2015 when it was revealed to her by Ed Martin that Muskrat Falls was in more trouble than previously disclosed.

Too late to mitigate: Inquiry hears how wetland capping no longer a Muskrat option

The measure would have cost an estimated $20 million, and was the unanimous recommendation of an independent expert advisory committee in April 2018.

'We wear it': Gilbert Bennett reluctantly admits Nalcor responsible for Muskrat missteps

It was a reluctant acknowledgement, but the Nalcor VP admitted Wednesday the energy corporation shares some of the blame for the missteps that led to Muskrat Falls unravelling.

Ed Martin's lawyer challenges claim his client 'imposed' unrealistic Muskrat targets

A strongly worded letter that has emerged at the Muskrat Falls inquiry has created a fracture between the former Nalcor CEO and his hand-picked project management team.

'Now, I've had it!': Meet Richard LeBlanc, the family court judge who's investigating Muskrat Falls

Justice Richard Leblanc has been charged with the collosal task of finding out why Muskrat Falls went to horribly wrong, and there's every sign that he's singularly focused on that very task.

No love for Marshall plan: How Muskrat project team resisted Stan Marshall's big shakeup

The Muskrat Falls inquiry is revealing how Stan Marshall's first big decision as the new CEO of Nalcor was met with concern and resistance from the project team.

Nalcor a 'downtrodden organization' that needs a few wins, says board chair

Nalcor chairman Brendan Paddick spent much of his time at the Muskrat Falls inquiry Tuesday calling for a change in the tone towards the embattled Crown corporation.

Inquiry sheds light on $300M Muskrat mystery, and it's not good for bureaucrats

There’s now a better understanding of the curious and complex case of a head-scratching increase to the cost of Muskrat Falls, and the circumstances are not flattering for the provincial bureaucracy.

Taking a closer look at Ed Martin's Muskrat cost disclosure threshold

It’s become the primary focus of the Muskrat Falls public inquiry: Ed Martin’s approach to sharing cost information with the provincial government and the Crown corporation’s board of directors.