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Tax refunds coming for retired fishermen

A group of retired fishermen has won a tax battle with Ottawa.

Hundreds of east coast fishermen were given bad tax information

Fishing boats tied-on in Newfoundland. (CBC)

A group of retired fishermen in Atlantic Canada has won a tax battle with Ottawa.

Lawyer Eli Baker represents more than 750 fishermen who sold their licences to the federal government in 1999.

Baker said taxation officials gave the fishermen the wrong information about filing their taxes and the fishermen ended up paying more than they should have.

A federal court judge sided with the fishermen this spring, and now the Canada Revenue Agency has agreed to reassess their taxes.

Refunds will be for different amounts but Baker said some people may receive up to $50,000.

He said that would mean a lot to some former fishermen.

"I know a client of mine that sleeps in a snow suit in the winter time and this money will mean this client doesn't have to sleep in a snow suit. They can heat their house," he said.

Baker said the agency will begin calculating the refunds this fall.