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Tara Feener's 100 Days of Newfoundland on display at Gallery 24

An exhibition of 100 unique drawings of people, places and popular landmarks in Newfoundland and Labrador opened Thursday night at an art gallery in St. John's.
Tara Feener's work will hang at Gallery 24 on Casey Street in St. John's for the next three weeks. (CBC)

An artist's digital take on Newfoundland and Labrador is on display at a gallery in St. John's.

Tara Feener's 100 Days of Newfoundland is an exhibition of 100 unique drawings of people, places and popular landmarks, and it opened Thursday night at Gallery 24.

Feener drew one picture each day, for 100 days, and posted one image a day via social media.

She told CBC it wasn't difficult to find the inspiration for the endeavour.

"In fact, by the end of the project — I could have done five hundred days of Newfoundland," she said.
"My parents are from Grand Falls and Buchans. There is a lot of inspiration from central ... and I lived in Goose Bay for five years when I was younger, so there is lots of Labrador I think."

Gander Airport was #16 in Tara Feener's 100 Days of Newfoundland. (Tara Feener)

Feener is in an engineer, and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

She said it was important for her to get to know her own province a little better, by delving into its history, while stoking her creative side.

"I kind of wanted to do something digital about Newfoundland, and this felt like the right blend of a daily creative exercise with, a passion for home," she said.

"A collection of things that inspire me from around town. Whether it's stuff from the arts and culture scene, or memories from home, or some kind of pop culture thing that came up. It's kind of a mix of everything. It was sort of whatever I woke up feeling like drawing first thing in the morning."

The exhibit was completely sketched on an iPad, using a specialized tool. 

Pencil, designed by Feener's employer, FiftyThree, is a stylus specifically designed for use on an iPad.

100 Days of Newfoundland will hang at Gallery 24 for about three weeks. 

Day 64 featured the Point Amour Lighthouse, which is located in southern Labrador. (Tara Feener)


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