From living rooms to hay wagons, folk duo Tanglecove will play anywhere

Tanglecove, the folk music duo of Dan Rubin and Dave Panting, are open to playing small spaces just about anywhere.

Have a First Listen to Tanglecove's new album, Home Roots: Tanglecove on Tour

Tanglecove is Dave Panting, left, and Dave Rubin (Courtesy Dan Rubin )

Tanglecove, the folk music duo of Dan Rubin and Dave Panting, will play just about anywhere.  

"We played in a Jewish deli, a Chinese restaurant in Winnipeg, a dozen living rooms and top of a big hay wagon in a shed," recalled Rubin.

Rubin was referring to a 2015 tour that Tanglecove did across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

The duo were playing a series of small gigs known as "house concerts."

The concerts were arranged by a group called Home Routes, which provides opportunities for musicians to tour mostly smaller communities in Canada using unconventional venues.

Recorded everywhere

Rubin and Panting brought along recording equipment and recorded themselves everywhere they went.

They then chose the best performances for their latest album, called Home Roots: Tanglecove on Tour.

Panting said some of the venues may have been unusual, but the house concert concept provided great performance opportunities for the duo.  

"You can really do what you want to do," said Panting,  

"They [the audience members] come with the expectation of seeing what the artist has to offer,"

"It's a very nice situation to be in as a musician."

Have a listen to Panting and Dan Rubin's conversation with Weekend AM's Heather Barrett. 

Dan Rubin and Dave Panting - a.k.a. Tanglecove, bring tales of their mainland tour and their new album to Weekend's Heather Barrett for a First Listen 20:44

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