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Leaving Lebanon: Syrian refugee family finally coming to Lewisporte

After a year of waiting, Lewisporte is welcoming a Syrian refugee family into the community.
Talika Morjan excitedly shows a picture of her grandson, who is in Lebanon, and is now on his way to Lewisporte. (Chris Ensing/CBC)

After a year of waiting, Lewisporte is set to welcome a Syrian refugee family into the community.

"There were a few glitches along the way and we could concentrate on that and be upset, but we're just too excited to worry about that now," said Rev. Stephanie McClellan, chair of the Lewisporte Refugee Outreach team.

A month ago the town got a call that said the paperwork was finally complete and the family would be on its way soon.

Grandmother Talika Morjan arrived last June, but the rest of the family has been stuck in Lebanon, waiting for paperwork to be processed.

"[The grandmother] is really blending into the community...and she'll do even better when the rest of her family's here and she doesn't have to worry about them quite so much," McClellan told CBC Radio's Central Morning Show.

Rev. Stephanie McClellan is excited to welcome a refugee family into her home. (

The remaining four members of the family will be arriving any day now. McClellan converted her basement into an apartment to accommodate them. 

"I check my email dozens of times a day, hoping that every time the phone rings it's a call from the office that they're coming," said McClellan.

The minister said once the call comes in, the town has the welcome signs ready and a group will head to the airport to greet them and take them to their new home.

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