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St. John's bartenders bring 'Sushi Caesar' to national competition

Two bartenders from the Ship Pub in St. John's showcased their mixology skills in Toronto, at national caesar-making competition.
Bartenders Lyndsey Hamen and Beverley Brophy travelled to Toronto to compete in the 2015 Mott's Best Caesar in Town National Competition. (Submitted)

Two bartenders from the Ship Pub in downtown St. John's recently showcased their mixology skills in Toronto, as they took part in a national competition to make the best caesar in Canada. 

Lyndsey Hamen and Beverley Brophy call their creation the Sushi Caesar, and it goes far beyond the classic recipe of clamato juice, a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce, a little bit of hot sauce, and some salt and pepper.

Lyndsey Hamen and Beverley Brophy honed their 'Sushi Caesar' while bartending at The Ship Pub in St. John's. (Submitted )

"It's rimmed with crushed wasabi peas, there's a little bit of pickled ginger, hoisin, sriracha, shichimi togarashi, a couple of drops of soy sauce, and then it's garnished with a piece of sushi, with wasabi and ginger and a lime wedge," said Hamen.

The caesar won accolades earlier this year at a regional competition that helped the duo qualify for nationals, but the trip to Toronto — to compete in the the 2015 Mott's Best Caesar in Town National Competition — was their biggest challenge to date.

Fast paced competition

When the competition began, they were only given ice and clamato juice, and an hour and a half to buy all the ingredients they'd need to make their  concoction .

Once in Toronto, they quickly scoped out the best places to buy the sushi and the rest of their ingredients.

They were judged on originality, presentation, appearance, and taste.

But they were bested in the competition by a bartender from the mainland that used light pyrotechnics to give his caesar an edge.

Although they didn't make the final three, Brophy said the two had a total blast, and they're already thinking about ways they can top their concoction next year.

In the meantime, interested parties looking to try out the "Sushi Caesar" that made it all the way to Toronto, can check out the two bartenders in action at The Ship Pub. 

With files from Amy Joy


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