Woman finds 2 thieves in her home, drives down the road to fetch police

There was a commotion, and neighbours arrived to help the woman chase the intruders away, police say.

Suspects' car broken into while in custody, homeowner says cellphone, jewelry still missing

Twillingate RCMP are asking anyone with information to contact the detachment or Crime Stoppers. (CBC)

A woman in Summerford on New World Island came home this weekend to find two people in her home going through her things, so she fled the scene and drove down the road to get the police.

RCMP say the woman told them she went into her home around 4 p.m. on Dec. 9, where the intruders threatened her with a knife.

There was a commotion, police said, but the woman was not injured and some neighbours arrived to help her chase the pair away.

The woman then got back in her car and drove down the street, to a spot where, on her way home just minutes earlier, she had seen RCMP officers.

When police arrived at the home, neighbours had intervened to help locate the suspects.

A man, 21, from Gander, and a woman, 24, from Appleton, were arrested at the scene and a number of items seized.

Police also found a small quantity of a substance believed to be crack cocaine, which has been sent for testing, as well as a knife, in their possession.

Suspects' car broken into

The homeowner is still missing some jewelry and a cellphone, police said.

While the suspects were in custody, their vehicle was broken into and some items stolen, police said, and RCMP are still trying to piece together where the missing property is.

The woman appeared in provincial court in Gander on Monday and was released. The man was set over to appear Monday afternoon.

Police are asking anyone with information to come forward to the Twillingate RCMP detachment or Crime Stoppers.