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Stuck seagull suffering on top of St. John's church

A seagull is stuck to a steel pole on top of St. Patrick's Church in St. John's, and has been sufferring since Thursday evening according to local residents.

Stuck seagull

9 years ago
A seagull is stuck to a steel pole on top of St. Patrick's Church in St. John's. Residents are looking for help to end the bird's suffering. 2:57

A seagull is stuck to a steel pole on top of St. Patrick Church in St. John's.

Local resident Paul Morrissey said people in the area have been calling about the bleeding bird since Thursday around 6 p.m., but so far no agency or organization can do anything to bring the bird down, or put it out of misery.

"I'm disappointed that the fire department wouldn't at least send somebody down to look at this creature that was suffering because it's wing is obviously embedded in a steel pole," said Morrissey.

He said the St. John's Regional Fire Department did respond midday Friday to asses the situation, but Morrissey said he expected them to respond sooner.

Morrissey said the fire department can't do anything because the bird is stuck too high, and to bring it down would be a dangerous operation.

He said residents in the area have also been trying to get help from the province's wildlife department, including a call to the office of Environment Minister Terry French, but have been getting the run-around.

"We've called maybe about seven or eight departments within the wildlife services and no one could do a thing, he said. "If you could get an answer."

He said the last bit of information he received was to call the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

"I guess we have to go to Ottawa to get a bird off a roof down here on St. Patrick St.," he said.

He said what disturbs him is the lack of professionalism responding to an animal is distress.

"I mean fine, it's a human being you'll get all the help you can get, but when it's an animal, there's not much protocol on the move, so it's kind of disappointing."

"Everyone gives you a phone call to call somebody else," added Morrissey.