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Scrambling for last minute Christmas gifts? Why not try the gas station

Beef jerky? Beer? Lotto tickets? The options are (surprisingly) plentiful.

There's a surprising number of stocking stuffers at your local convenience store

Orange Store employee Marg Denine said that people have been doing some Christmas shopping at the store, including for items like gas cards. (CBC News)

Some shoppers spent part of their Christmas Eve checking off the remaining items on their lists at an unexpected spot: the Orange Store on Water Street in St. John's.

It turns out that there are actually several gift-appropriate items you can purchase at a gas station or convenience store.

You could put together a car safety basket, for example — maybe a nice option for a new driver, or a heavy commuter. And tech accessories like chargers and headphones make good stocking stuffers.

A spare phone charger never goes astray. (CBC News)

One man told CBC that while the beer he was purchasing wasn't a gift, but he thought his family members would be perfectly happy to find a case under the tree.

There's always the option of giving the smaller gift of lottery tickets, in hopes that your loved one will take home a bigger prize in the end.

Ran out of ideas for gifts? There's always beer. (CBC News)

"You've got grandma, who might want some lotto tickets," Orange Store employee Marg Denine suggested. 

"Never too late to win the big one."

Gift cards are an increasingly popular gift item, with a recent PwC survey finding that 38 per cent of Canadians plan to buy gift cards as a present for someone else this year, and 43 per cent hope to receive them themselves.

Lotto tickets are a fun stocking stuffer, and there's always the ever-popular cash. (CBC News)

You can find gift cards for popular retailers at gas stations and convenience stores, but Denine said that many people are buying gas cards as gifts.

"They've been in all week."

All calm at Costco

To the last-minute shoppers go the spoils — if you're hitting Costco on Christmas Eve, at least.

Not that busy at Costco? It's a Christmas miracle! (CBC News)

Several shoppers leaving the store in St. John's reported that inside, things were not as hectic as you might expect. Items were available, lines were short, people got in and out quickly.

It was definitely a calmer scene on the last shopping day before Christmas than during the weekend, two returning shoppers said.

"Saving your shopping for last minute is not such a bad idea after all," one woman said.

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