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Steve Kent resigns as MHA day later than expected, overlaps with new job

The Speaker of the House of Assembly confirmed Wednesday that Steve Kent has submitted his resignation as Mount Pearl North MHA.

Kent now working for City of Mount Pearl, but briefly collected 2 paycheques

Steve Kent shown here at the end of September cleaning out his office at Confederation Building. (CBC)

It's a day later than expected, but Steve Kent is officially stepping down as the MHA for Mount Pearl North.

The Speaker of the House of Assembly confirmed Wednesday afternoon that it has received a letter from Kent and the resignation will be effective at the end of the day.

In a message to CBC News, Kent said he stayed on beyond the expected departure date of Tuesday because he was "trying to resolve a couple of sensitive issues for constituents and ensure security of files," and that took longer than expected.

It means Kent, who has started his new job as chief administrative officer for the City of Mount Pearl, is getting paid for two jobs, for at least a brief period.

The extra day's work as MHA brings a $366.76 paycheque.

Constituents in Mount Pearl North won't have an elected member once Kent steps down, but his constituency assistant will continue to address issues that arise.