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Avalon Peninsula braces for winter storm that could bring more than 55 cm of snow

A messy weather system is making its way north with a large amount of snow.

Snow to start Friday evening and last until Sunday morning

St. John's could see more than 45 centimetres of snow this weekend, with a winter storm warning in effect until early Sunday. (Patrick Butler/Radio-Canada)

A messy weather system is making its way north and bringing with it a large amount of snow.

Parts of the Avalon Peninsula could see more than 55 centimetres of snow beginning Friday night and lasting until Sunday morning.

Higher elevations will see the largest totals, CBC meteorologist Ashley Brauweiler said Friday evening, with the rest of the Avalon seeing between 25 and 35 centimetres.

Most of the system will impact the eastern part of the island.

Conditions are expected to deteriorate around 10 p.m. Friday, with northeasterly gusts reaching 70 km/h and heavy snow falling.

A weather graphic showing the island of Newfoundland.
Parts of Newfoundland could see as much as 55 centimetres of snow over the weekend. (CBC)

The snowfall is expected to ease on Saturday morning before picking up again in the afternoon. 

"We may see a bit of a lull in the snow, but don't get fooled by that because as we get into the afternoon hours that snow really is going to get heavy," said Brauweiler.

"Eventually we will see that snow taper off, and actually Sunday is looking pretty nice."

This comes after a near-miss with a winter storm last week.

Initial forecasts suggested the Avalon Peninsula was going to get more than 25 centimetres of snow, but after the forecast was downgraded several times, only around 10 centimetres fell in the capital city.

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