Lego is not just for kids anymore

If you still enjoy digging through your childhood boxes of Lego building blocks, there’s a group in St. John’s who wants you.

The members of NewfoundLUG meet monthly to build spectacular Lego creations

This is a city scene with a St. John's twist, made by a member of NewfoundLUG. (Mark Cumby/CBC)

If you still enjoy digging through your childhood boxes of Lego building blocks, there's a group in St. John's who wants you.

NewfoundLUG (Lego Users' Group) is a local organization for adult Lego users, collectors and enthusiasts.

The group meets monthly at Bricks and MiniFigs, a bulk Lego store in St. John's run by John Gillingham.

Yes, that's an iconic St. John's Jellybean Row scene rendered in Lego. (Mark Cumby/CBC)

"It's interesting to meet other members of the group and say, 'What are you into? Are you into the castle side, or Star Wars, or sci-fi?'" says Matthew Zwicker, vice-president and a founding member of NewfoundLUG.

Group members use the store space to build and set up elaborate Lego models of everything from Star Wars spaceships to replicas of the Oceanex terminal in downtown St. John's.

Zwicker is particularly interested in constructing elaborate castles.

"I'm always in the pursuit of 'How can I make this the most realistic possible using Lego as a medium?'"

"Really, the possibilities are endless."

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With files from Mark Cumby