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St. John's woman finds long 'snake-like critter' in almond milk

Wanita Bates was clearing space in her refrigerator last weekend, and decided to toss out a carton of almond milk. When pouring it down the sink's drain, something about 10 to 12 inches long came out.
Wanita Bates says she found a 10 to 12-inch slimy mass in her Blue Diamond Almond Breeze last weekend. (Wanita Bates)

A St. John's woman wants to get to the bottom of what was in the bottom of her Blue Diamond Almond Breeze carton. 

Wanita Bates said she was clearing space in her refrigerator last weekend, and decided to toss out the last quarter of the carton of almond milk on its best-before date. When pouring it down the sink's drain, something dark and long came out. 

"And I go to dump it out, gave it a little shake. I guess it's 10 or 12 inches long ... parts of it had broken off," Bates told CBC's CrossTalk on Thursday.

"My big fear is snakes. Don't tell me there's a snake in there. My partner Liz was next door, so I got my camera and took a photo."

Bates thought considering the mass was gelatinous, it might be mould.

"To me, for all intents and purposes, it looks like a snake-like critter," she said.

"We have them all in a plastic bag now, downstairs in our freezer."

Both the maker, California-based Blue Diamond, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency plan to pick up samples for testing.

Bates, meanwhile, said she's trying not to think about the fact that she drank most of the milk before the discovery.

"It makes me sick to think of it."

Back in January, a Labrador woman made a similar sickening discovery — a reptile-like head that had come from a bag of Green Giant frozen broccoli. 


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