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St. John's wants Paradise to clean up its mess

Councillors fear a mess in the municipality of Paradise could contaminate their water supply.

City fears junk dumped in Paradise might taint its water

St. John’s councillors fear a mess in the municipality of Paradise could contaminate a city water supply.

Coun. Tom Hann said at Monday's regular meeting that city inspectors recently discovered garbage dumped in the Broad Cove River watershed.

"Any potential leakage from all this garbage would have an affect on the Windsor Lake water supply which is interconnected with the Broad Cove River Watershed, and that's why staff is very concerned about the discovery," he said

"There's a considerable amount of waste left at this site," Hann said. "It includes building materials, burnt out vehicles, garbage and old rusty tanks."

Because the dump is in Paradise, Mayor Dennis O'Keefe said Monday that St. John’s will write its council to give Paradise 30 days to clean up the mess.

He said if that doesn't happen the city will do the work and bill Paradise.

Tuesday morning Paradise Mayor Ralph Wiseman said he only learned of the issue when CBC contacted him Monday night.

Wiseman agreed such dumping is a big problem, but he wasn’t happy that St. John's officials didn’t call him first.

"Pick up the phone and say that, you know, 'we've discovered some garbage dumped on private property within your boundaries and we would act immediately.' It's very disappointing that they choose to operate this way," he said

Wiseman said Hann is grandstanding and trying to embarrass Paradise.

He said Paradise would clean up whatever mess it's responsible for, especially when it comes to people’s drinking water.