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Text message from MHA concerns St. Brendan's mayor

St. Brendan's mayor Veronica Broomfield is concerned that Terra Nova MHA Colin Holloway may be biased against the community after he said in a text that he was aware she did not vote for him in last year's provincial election.

'You didn't vote for me,' said MHA to mayor in conversation about ferry cuts

The loss of a run on the ferry service to St. Brendan's sparked a text message that the mayor says bothered her. (CBC)

It was a text message the mayor of St. Brendan's has had on her mind for weeks.

Veronica Broomfield was discussing cuts to the community's ferry service with Terra Nova MHA Colin Holloway, when he said "Remember, you didn't vote for me." 

Broomfield told CBC Radio's Central Morning that she was taken aback by the text.

"Is our island going to suffer? What would you pick out from it? That is what I picked out from my text message."

Holloway, a Liberal elected in November 2015, also serves as the parliamentary secretary to the minister of business, tourism, culture and rural development.

The text exchange in the fall was posted on Broomfield's Facebook page this week, and became part of a Twitter barrage by two Progressive Conservatives — the MHA for Mount Pearl North, Steve Kent, and the former MHA for Terra Nova, Sandy Collins.  

Lingering concerns

Broomfield said her conversation with Holloway was sparked by a meeting earlier this year with the town's transportation committee to discuss the ferry schedule. Holloway asked her why he had not been invited to attend.

St. Brendan's mayor Veronica Broomfield says her MHA made a comment about who she voted for (not him). (Twitter)

She replied that the meeting was called by government representatives and it was not her place to invite attendees.

Broomfield said she has been dealing with provincial governments for years, but has never had this kind of conversation with an elected politician.

She said she is now concerned about the town's relationship with the MHA.

"I didn't want this to happen," she said. "I've had many ups and downs with governments. Previous government gone ... did I agree with what they've done? No. Did I agree when they came here and took the ferry from us? No. Did I fight with them? Yes. Did they say these things to me? No."

CBC requested an interview with Holloway but was told he would not be available.

With files from the Central Morning Show