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Sexting, torture and guns: Court hears facts of Springdale Street shooting

A 21-year-old man was lured into a home by a trio who planned to confine him to a chair with Saran Wrap and beat him with a hammer and pliers, a Newfoundland court heard Monday.

Crown seeks 5-7 years for Harold Noftall, who it says was key component of the attack

Harold Noftall and Mabel Stanley were in court on Monday to hear sentencing recommendations for their part in a 2017 shooting at 74 Springdale Street. (CBC)

A 21-year-old man was lured to a St. John's home through sexual text messages from a teenage girl, only to be shot and pistol-whipped in a botched hostage situation last winter.

The shocking events from the Jan. 31, 2017, shooting at 74 Springdale St. came to light Monday in an agreed statement of facts at a sentencing hearing for two of the accused.

The Crown is asking provincial court Judge Michael Madden for a sentence of five to seven years for Harold Noftall, 55, who they say was a key component of the attack.

It is asking for four to six years for Mabel Stanley, 42, who lied to police and cleaned the scene.

Mabel Stanley called 9-1-1 and told police the man bleeding in her home had been shot by someone in a moving car. (Ted Dillon/CBC)
Court was told the situation began when Rebecca Murphy, 19, sexted with the victim and lured him to the house, which had three apartments.

When he arrived, Murphy was waiting, along with her 16-year-old boyfriend, Noftall and Stanley.

The boyfriend had a shotgun, while Noftall had a pellet gun, the statement of facts said. A chair sat on the floor with plastic wrap nearby. A hammer and pliers were also on the floor.

They intended to wrap the victim to the chair and give him a "good shit-kicking," the statement reads.

The victim was able to make a 911 call and police officers went to the house but left without making any arrests, and the assault continued.

Things escalated when the victim freed himself and tried to escape. According to the statement of facts, the 16-year-old fired a shot, striking the 21-year-old in the hip and buttocks. Noftall kicked him and pistol-whipped him three or four times.

Stanley lied to police, cleaned up scene

After cleaning the scene, Stanley called 911 and said somebody had been shot. When police arrived at the door, she said the victim told her he'd been shot in a drive-by.

Investigators said the wounds were inconsistent with being shot from a moving vehicle, and it was more likely he was shot from close range.

When police returned Feb. 5 to arrest Stanley, she said she was surprised it took them that long, the court heard.

The statement of facts was approved by both Stanley and Noftall.

This home, 74 Springdale Street, has been notorious in the past. (CBC)

The four accused were initially charged with attempted murder. Those charges were later reduced to aggravated assault, forcible confinement and mischief.

The 16-year-old pleaded guilty in October and was held in custody for seven months. He was sentenced to 150 additional days.

Murphy's case is being dealt with separately. She is due back in court in April.

The home — where she lived with Noftall and Stanley — is well-known to police in St. John's.

It was the location of a home invasion in 2014, where three men attempted to rob a resident inside.

A month before the shooting, a pizza delivery man had his car stolen while he was parked outside the house.

In April 2017, a woman was taken to hospital and a man was charged with aggravated assault.

In making her sentencing submissions on Monday, the Crown attorney remarked on Noftall's 17-page criminal record dating back to 1980. While he didn't pull the trigger, she said, the attack would not have happened without him.

The Crown is asking for a sentence between four and six years for Stanley, who was described as having had a tough childhood and was cooperative with police after initially giving false information.

Still, the Crown said she was complicit in the attack and purchased the Saran wrap with the intention of using it to secure the victim to the chair.

Stanley's defence is seeking a sentence of three years for her part in the attack.

Noftall's lawyer will make his submission on Friday.