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A 'Sonny' singalong: A tune everyone loves to sing

Videographer Darryl Murphy asked some people to contribute a verse or two of a much-loved Ron Hynes song.

A 'Sonny' singalong

7 years ago
Duration 2:17
In the wake of Ron Hynes's death, fans sing Sonny's Dream, one of his best-known songs

Believe it or not, Sonny's Dream will turn 40 next year. 

Of course, some people — those living in Ireland, for instance, who were told the tune was an ancient ballad — might have thought the song was older, but Ron Hynes wrote in 1976, in the early years of his storied career. 

It's been a familiar song in Newfoundland and Labrador since Hynes recorded it with the Wonderful Grand Band in 1981. 

Hynes, who died Thursday night in St. John's, never seemed to tire of singing the tune.

Nor do we. Videographer Darryl Murphy asked some people to contribute a verse or two on Friday, and they all obliged; check out the video above to see the results. 

Click the video below to see Hynes perform Sonny's Dream for CBC in 2010. 

Sonny's Dream by Ron Hynes

7 years ago
Duration 4:36
Ron Hynes performs his classic 'Sonny's Dream' for a CBC audience in 2010


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