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Bright orb in the sky above St. John's has mysterious ring around it

There's a hot circle in the sky after a rainy few days, and it's got a weird ring around it. CBC investigates!

We believe that glowing thing is called the sun, but what's that around it?

We admit we haven't seen this bright orb in the sky very often lately, but we're pretty sure it doesn't usually have that ring around it. (Fred Hutton/CBC)

This year we've seen a sugar maple moon, a super wolf blood moon — even a rare super worm moon, which apparently is a thing.

Now we've got a solar halo. 

If the sun is visible where you are on Friday, you might notice a strange ring around it.

The ring is called a 22-degree halo, because its radius is about 22 degrees around the sun or the moon.

The rings are caused by light refraction or splitting through very thin upper level or cirrus clouds made of ice crystals, and can be seen as an indication of coming precipitation.

Weather folklore says a ring around the moon means rain is coming soon, and that does sometimes play out because cirrus clouds do come a day or so ahead of some low-pressure systems, which can bring precipitation, according to Texas A&M.

Potential rain sounds like a regular weather day in Newfoundland and Labrador, you might think — but apparently we're not the only ones seeing a halo right now.

But if all that science hasn't convinced you, one man on Twitter had another possible explanation for the weather phenomenon.

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