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Party hard: Curling superfans the 'Sociables' dress to impress in St. John's

Curling fans from Calgary have made it their mission to stand out from the crowd at the Brier, and they have a lot of fun doing it.

The group has worn matching costumes to the Brier for the past 8 years

The Sociables hold up signs spelling out their name at the fifth-end break of each game. (Sociable Brier/Facebook)

It started with an homage to curler Kevin Martin in 2009 — a costume that included bald skull caps and oversized Olympic gold medals.  

Seven more Briers and numerous outfit changes later, the Sociables have arrived in St. John's.

The group chose Santa Claus costumes for the second day of the Brier in St. John's. They wore them to the event and then to George Street later that night. (Submitted by Nathan Woynarski)

The core group of eight friends from Calgary wear kilts for the first and last days of the competition, and have a matching costume change for every day in between.

"It's a big deal — we do a lot of planning and everything's got be spot on," said Sociables member Jordan Biss.

Dressed as Elvis and Marilyn Monroe in 2013. (Sociable Brier/Facebook)

Going the extra mile for the games started on home turf, at the Brier in Calgary in 2009.

"A few of us decided let's put on a show, let's put on a costume or something, because Kevin Martin for Alberta was in the final that year," Nathan Woynarski told CBC Radio's St. John's Morning Show.

"So we got dressed up and we had a blast, and we were like, 'We should do this every year!'" 

They also hold up signs to spell out the name of their group at the fifth end break every day, a tradition that started in Halifax in 2010.

"The crowd just loved it. We were like, 'we could probably do this every day' … it's just taken off from there," said Woynarski.

"After Halifax, I think we set a little bit of a standard, so people sort of look now at this point," added Biss.

The close group of friends got really close in Halifax. They chained themselves together for this prisoner costume in 2010. (Sociable Brier/Facebook)

The friends are so passionate about cheering for curling that they save up their vacation time so they can attend the Brier together.

"Everyone's taking their own time, their own money, their own everything to come enjoy this," said Biss.

The Sociables needed 15 pieces of oversized luggage and boxes to bring all their costume changes from Calgary to St. John's, but they're tight-lipped about what they have planned.

Still, you shouldn't have any trouble recognizing them in the stands.

"Trust me. We'll stand out, I promise you."

The Sociables dressed up as the Power Rangers last year. (Sociable Brier/Facebook)

With files from the St. John's Morning Show