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Why it's not too early to be snowblower shopping

There may not be any flakes falling yet, but one store in Corner Brook can barely keep up with the demand for snowblowers.

Corner Brook store seeing spike in demand

The only snowblower in stock at Twin Peaks Motorsports Thursday. It's sold, pending pickup. (Lindsay Bird/CBC)

There may not be any flakes falling yet, but one store in Corner Brook can barely keep up with the demand for snowblowers. 

"The last two years we haven't been able to service all our customers. We've been typically about 50 to 70 snowblowers short," Wade Warford, of Twinpeaks Motorsports, told The Corner Brook Morning Show.

To compensate, the store has increased its stock, but that hasn't gone far enough.

Brian McHugh interviews Wade Warford on The Corner Brook Morning Show. (Cherie Wheeler/CBC)

"This year, we doubled up on our Yamaha snowblowers — they're in, and sold," he added, saying that's about 40 machines already spoken for. 

65 Honda snowblowers are set to arrive Nov. 1, but are also already pre-sold.

Warford said more machines from both manufacturers are on the way.

"I don't want the customers to worry, because we do have a lot more on order than we ever ordered before." 

The October crunch

While there is high demand this year, thanks to back-to-back harsh winters, Twin Peaks Motorsports sees shovelling-adverse shoppers every year in the fall.

"Usually mid-October, we see a lot of customers coming down," said Warford.

The snowblower rush typically begins every October. (Lindsay Bird/CBC)

"After the first initial run is over, we'll be quiet sometimes in December and January, if we don't get a lot of snow.
But once the snow hits, it picks up again."

But if that trusty snow shovel gets tiresome mid-season, you might be out of luck.

"We always tell people, don't wait too long. Usually after Christmas, anytime in January or February, we are always sold out," said Warford.

The bright side to missing out? A fatter wallet.

Warford said the store's stock retails for between $2,599 and $4,999.


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