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'Put up signs,' says St. John's man whose car was towed during snow removal

A St. John's student who complained that his vehicle was towed away because of snow removal in his neighborhood should have checked on social media, says the city.
On-street parking in downtown St. John's can be at a premium during the winter months. (CBC)

A Memorial University student who complained that his car was towed away because of snow removal in downtown St. John's should have checked on social media, says the city.

Josh Squires told CBC Radio's St. John's Morning Show that his vehicle was impounded sometime after midnight Monday, along with 13 others.

He lives on Queens Road, but was parked around the corner on Gower Street. 

"I went outside [Tuesday morning] and I thought, 'Gee that's strange, maybe I parked on another street.' Anyway, all the cars were gone, all the snow was gone," said Squires.

It cost $275 to get his $2,000 vehicle back, and Squires thinks the city should reimburse him.

Squires said he is new to the downtown parking scene, having picked up his permit just three weeks ago.

He says proper signage wasn't up in the neighborhood as it normally is, and he didn't know the street would be plowed that night because he wasn't on the city's email list.

"I always see the signs going up, so I assumed that's how they notify people," Squires said. 

The City of St. John's says it posts a daily list of streets that will be cleared overnight. (CBC)

"Signs were put out Monday during the day, in the areas where snow removal was planned," wrote the city in an email response.

The signs are a courtesy, not a requirement, the city stated, adding that sometimes the signs go missing.

"Many of our signs do get removed and thrown to the side after we place them," wrote media relations spokesperson Kelly Maguire.

"I take responsibility for it now, because I know the rules," said Squires. "But it seems kind of arbitrary that they just put up signs, sometimes."

Squires said he's since signed up for the city's email alerts.

"It won't happen to me again, for sure," he said.

Find out what streets are on the snowclearing list each day by checking the city's website.

The list is also posted on Facebook and Twitter, or residents can call 709-576-7669.


  • A previous version of this story said vehicles were towed from Queens Road. In fact, they were towed from Gower Street and other streets in the neighbourhood.
    Jan 28, 2016 10:47 AM NT