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SkyHawks parachute team has the best view in the province

The team's second-in-command is from Conception Bay South.

SkyHawks parachute team landed in Conception Bay South for a show on Saturday

Newfoundland looks pretty good from the air. (Adam Walsh/CBC)

The Newfoundland and Labrador flag was flying high over Conception Bay South this weekend — really high.

The Canadian Armed Forces' SkyHawks parachute team was in the community this weekend for a performance in the sky.

And for second-in-command Warrant Officer Mike Dwyer, who is from C.B.S., it was a special opportunity.

"I've been out in Conception Bay a hundred times cod fishing, but getting a bird's-eye view like that is unbelievable. Million-dollar view," he said, once he was back on the ground.

The SkyHawks parachute team landed in Conception Bay South this weekend. (Adam Walsh/CBC)

The 18-member SkyHawks team is performing in various cities across the country. It's a great chance not only to visit home, Dwyer said, but to show people who aren't in the military what the SkyHawks do.

"The Canadian military is full of Newfoundlanders. They're everywhere, it's fantastic," he said. "To get to show people not in the military what we do, is above and beyond."

Warrant Officer Mike Dwyer is from Conception Bay South. (John Pike/CBC)

CBC's Adam Walsh was hoping to tumble through the sky with a SkyHawks member in a tandem jump, but the weather didn't co-operate.

Even still, he got a pretty sweet ride.

'Time to start jumping out of planes'

Master Seaman Bree Bent began her career in the navy, but soon realized her passion was in the sky.

She wound up working on a military air bus, serving coffee and meals. 

"And then I decided that it was time to start jumping out of planes," she said.

Abi Lovelady, centre, with Master Seaman Bree Bent, says the SkyHawks show was 'wild.' (John PIke/CBC)

Abi Lovelady, 11, watched the show with great enthusiasm.

"It was wild!" she said.

Brent says it's always rewarding to inspire young girls. (Adam Walsh/CBC)

She definitely wants to go skydiving some day, she said, and was excited to meet Bent.

Bent said it always feels good to see young girls like Abi inspired by the SkyHawks shows.

"I feel pretty honoured to be a role model of any young girl who realizes that they can do anything boys can do," she said.

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