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'Strange for him to just vanish': Sister of missing man fears for his safety

The family of a missing man last heard from on Saturday says it's very unusual not to have heard from him and they have no idea where he might be.

Police have concerns for Trevor Hamlyn's well-being

Police say Trevor Hamlyn was last heard from on the afternoon of June 16. (Royal Newfoundland Constabulary/Submitted)

The family of a missing man last heard from on Saturday says that's very unusual and they have no idea where he might be.

"It's the strangest thing for him to just be gone. His roommate saw him Saturday, [the roommate] left for a little bit, and when he came back, Trevor was gone," said Ashley Hamlyn. 

Trevor Hamlyn, 33, was reported missing from Paradise by his sister Ashley on Tuesday. Since then, Trevor's family and friends have been working closely with police to try to find him.

"There are many friends of Trevor's out looking around any areas that we think he may have visited or have been. We're checking people's cabins, homes — everyone has been calling each other. 

"We're very grateful that Trevor has a very large group of friends that are very close with each other."

Ashley Hamlyn says her brother's disappearance is very strange. (Ted Dillon/CBC)

Hamlyn said they have checked around his neighbourhood, and heard Thursday that he may have been seen taking the ferry to Bell Island, but they have yet to find any sign of him.

It's also very concerning that Trevor left his wallet at home and doesn't have a functioning cellphone, she said. 

'A social butterfly'

Hamlyn said her brother is laid back and easygoing and gets along with everyone, making his disappearance all the more unusual.

"For him to be not here at the moment, and no one knowing exactly where he is or [being] unable to reach him, is very strange," she said.

"He knows many people in different groups, and usually someone can always find him."

Trevor Hamlyn's sister says given his broad network of friends, it's very unusual that no one has seen or heard from him. (Trevor Hamlyn/Facebook)

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary is investigating Trevor's disappearance and police said there is concern for his safety.

The fact that no one knows where he's to, it's just strange for him to just vanish.- Ashley Hamlyn

Hamlyn said her brother has been involved with gambling, but said it was nothing serious.

"He's been playing in poker groups and that, he's always done that, but the fact that no one knows where he's to, it's just strange for him to just vanish."

Trevor Hamlyn is described as being five-foot-ten and 230 pounds with a bald head and a goatee.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the RNC or Crime Stoppers.

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