Shark in gillnet a surprise catch for Torbay fisherman

A fisherman found a nine-foot porbeagle shark Tuesday when he checked his gillnets off Torbay, and Wayne Tapper has the pictures to prove it.

Department of Fisheries and Oceans called to check out the shark

Fisherman Wayne Tapper brought home something that's bigger than the average fish Tuesday morning. (Submitted by Samantha O'Keefe)

It's a story of the one that didn't get away.

Fisherman Wayne Tapper found a nine-foot porbeagle shark in his gillnets Tuesday when he checked his gear near Torbay. 

You wouldn't want to get too close to those teeth. A close-up look at the nine-foot porbeagle shark caught in a gillnet off Torbay Tuesday morning. (Submitted by Samantha O'Keefe)

Tapper, who has a commercial licence, called the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, which came to check out the shark.

Tapper told CBC's The Broadcast that the shark was caught close to the shoreline, in shallow water, and he's not in violation of any rules because of his licence.

The shark was dead by the time it was brought to shore, he said. The net is not too badly damaged because the shark was caught in only one end.

Wayne Tapper's surprise catch is offloaded at the wharf on Tuesday. (Submitted by Samantha O'Keefe)

Tapper estimated the shark weighed between 400 to 500 pounds — or 181 to 226 kilograms.

He is allowed to keep some of the animal to eat and he plans to try a meal, but has to get rid of the rest because the sale of shark meat is not permitted.

With files from The Broadcast