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Food fishery not just for humans: Watch this shark try to snatch a cod right off a fishing line

Roger Myette thought he'd take his cousins from New York City out to catch a few cod. But someone else had an eye on their fish.

The humans caught their quota. Not sure about that shark, though

Roger Myette says this shark was six to eight feet long. (Roger Myette)

Roger Myette thought he'd take his cousins from Brooklyn, New York, out to a catch a few fish on Sunday. Turns out they weren't the only ones on the hunt.

No sooner had they put their lines in the water by the generating station in Holyrood when a shark swam up and tried to snap the fish right off their hooks.

"I said, 'the shark's not getting my fish'," Myette told the St. John's Morning Show on Monday.

Both his cousins each had a cod on the line when the shark swam by looking for a snack. It took a stab at one fish at first and then the other. Both times, Myette's cousins managed to get the fish up out of the water before the shark could sink its teeth into them.

Myette says the shark was about six to eight feet long and had been lurking around the water all day.

"As soon as I posted the story, I had people telling me that they had actually seen the shark as well," he said.

He says his companions were excited to see the animal, and not scared at all.

"As soon as I said, 'shark!' they all ran to my side of the boat," he said. "They were all looking down, saying 'cool, look at that!'"

By day's end, Myette and his crew caught their quota.

No word on the shark's catch, though.

With files form the St. John's Morning Show