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Shanneyganock's Chris Andrews sings different tune on solo album

“The name comes from 25 years in this business,” says Chris Andrews, about the title for his solo album, A Bit of Wear and Tear.

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A Bit of Wear and Tear is the name of the solo album by Chris Andrews.

"The name comes from 25 years in this business," says Chris Andrews, about the title for his solo album, A Bit of Wear and Tear.

Andrews is best known for his work as the front man for Shanneyganock, the high energy trad-rock band from St. John's.

"I think I got a bit of wear and tear but I got through it."

With Shanneyganock, Andrews plays upbeat, party music — the kind of stuff that's built for a raucous audience having a good time.

On his solo album, Andrews is in a more reflective frame of mind, selecting songs about love, getting older, and change.

"I wanted something completely different," said Andrews. "Something that I could enjoy, something I could relax doing."

More balance

These days, Andrews has built some balance into his life.

He splits his musical life between Shanneyganock and his solo work, all the while managing a business and mentoring other artists.

When Shanneyganock is on the road these days, Andrews said the band has dialed back on the partying.

"Our rider now has more pop and water in it than it does alcohol," said Andrews. "The alcohol is more for people who come and visit after the show."

As for the band, Andrews said, "We're more interested in the chicken pizza."

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