Shallaway Youth Choir wins Llangollen festival in Wales

Shallaway Youth Choir received top honours at one of the largest and oldest choral competitions in the world, by winning the Children's Choir of the World trophy.
Shallaway Youth Choir was named the best choir in the world at a music festival in Wales. (Llangollen Musical Festival)

Shallaway Youth Choir received top honours at one of the largest and oldest choral competitions in the world — and it was their first time competing in the festival. 

The St. John's-based choir competed in the senior children's choir classical and the folk music categories at the prestigious Llangollen Musical Festival in Wales.

The classical troupe came in first, and the folk group placed second. 

"There's an award for the choir that has the best performance, and the top mark out of all the junior and senior children's choirs, and we won," said Shallaway Artistic Director Kellie Walsh. 

"It's called the Children's Choir of the World trophy."

Walsh said the energy at the choral competition was at a high, with about 3,000 people at the performance and award ceremonies. 

"They've been really been working hard for the last several months, and they sang it their absolute best. It was one of the most exciting times I've ever been on stage," she told CBC News. 

The group didn't get much time to rest, as they began a concert tour on Thursday that will see the choir travel from Cambridge to London, with several stops in between. 


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