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Glorious shades of fall: A stunning sampling of audience photos

Enjoy some of the most colourful fall photos we've received in the last couple of weeks.
This is one of the most impressive fall images we've received. Jonathan Myers captured this beauty in Bay St. George. (Submitted by Jonathan Myers)

Is it just us, or have the colours this fall been particularly spectacular?

Since autumn began, we've received dozens of gorgeous images from across the province, and we thought the long holiday weekend would be the perfect time to put your feet up and enjoy the bounty!

A cheery sunflower brightens up any garden, and also provides a welcome treat for the birds during winter. (Submitted by Ferne Williams)
A true 'wow' moment! Corner Brook has some of the most dramatic sunsets. (Submitted by Kathleen Andrews)
We receive dozens of photo submissions each week, and sometimes they're from our younger viewers and readers. Callie Penney-Smith, 10, snapped this pic in Loon Bay. Fall sunsets can't be beat! (Submitted by Callie-Penney Smith)
Crimson leaves in Manuels - absolutely beautiful! (Submitted by Gary Mitchell)
There was a nip of frost on this pitcher plant when Jonathan Myers took this photo. (Submitted by Jonathan Myers)
Rusty reds are the predominant colours in this lovely capture from Penney Turner, taken in Port Blandford.
Beautiful fall foliage in Traytown! (Submitted by Krista Butt)
We're loving the distinct and vivid shades at Margaret Bowater Park in Corner Brook. (Submitted by Bob Edwards/Twitter)
A colourful scene at Otter Pond Falls in central Newfoundland. (Submitted by David Hiscock)
Fall has most assuredly arrived at Blomidon Golf Course in Corner Brook. (Submitted by Walter Fleming)

Of course, this isn't the only assemblage of terrific photos! Check our our latest weekly gallery here.

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