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What a Christmas gift and a 30-year career have in common

Cathy Field shares a holiday story about a gift she received almost 60 years ago. Watch an animation of the tale told in her own words.

Cathy Field shares a story of a present she remembers nearly 60 years later

Dale Jarvis and Cathy Field at the Seniors Memory Mug-Up on Dec. 12

Cathy Field showed off her outfit before the start of a storytelling circle event in St. John's; she was wearing mittens on her feet, underwear on her head and red and white bells on her arms jingled when she moved.

She was the only mummer in the group at the latest Seniors Memory Mug-Up event at the Marjorie Mews Library.

The Mug-Up is a monthly initiative offered through Heritage NL and the St. John's Storytelling festival, with local storyteller Dale Jarvis moderating sessions where seniors come together to reminisce and share stories. 

Field shared a story about a gift she received nearly 60 years ago but vividly remembers to this day.

Hear her tell it in her own words in the player:

Senior shares Christmas story of gift she got 60 years ago

2 years ago
Duration 0:57
Cathy Field shares a story about a Christmas gift during an event at the Marjorie Mews Library. 0:57

What's your favourite holiday memory? Tell us in the comments below!


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