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SeaRose FPSO has close brush with iceberg in Newfoundland offshore

Husky Energy is keeping an eye on ice floes off the coast of Newfoundland after an iceberg made a close pass near the SeaRose FPSO Wednesday morning.

Husky Energy says necessary measures being taken to protect SeaRose from sea ice

Steps were taken Thursday to ensure that the SeaRose floating platform did not connect with an iceberg that floated near the facility. (CBC)

Husky Energy is keeping an eye on ice floes off the coast of Newfoundland after an iceberg made a close pass near the SeaRose FPSO Wednesday morning.

SeaRose FPSO is a floating production, storage and offloading vessel located in the White Rose oil and gas field, approximately 350 kilometres east-southeast of the Avalon Peninsula.

Despite reports that the iceberg had passed within metres of the SeaRose, Husky told CBC that it was actually further away, but still close enough to take precautions.

Specific measures taken

Husky said while dealing with sea ice and icebergs is a yearly reality in the offshore, specific measures were taken in this case to ensure the SeaRose wasn't damaged on Thursday.

That includes shutting in, or reducing, production at the facility and flushing the flowlines with seawater. Steps were also taken to ensure the SeaRose could disconnect in minimal time, if required.

Husky Energy says it is taking precautions to protect the SeaRose FPSO following increased sea ice and iceberg activity near the facility since last weekend. (University of Sheffield)

A spokesperson said the company has deployed additional vessels to the area given increased sea ice and iceberg activity since last weekend.

Husky previously halted drilling operations at a well site northwest of the main White Rose field, and has since taken the drilling rig Henry Goodrich under tow.

It will hold position in an ice free area and the company will make a decision on returning it to drilling operations once weather conditions permit.

Husky said the SeaRose FPSO remains on location at the White Rose field.


Geoff Bartlett


Geoff Bartlett is an educator and journalist in Corner Brook.