Sarah Smellie

Sarah Smellie is a journalist in St. John's.

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This company helps clear WW II-era bombs off the sea floor to make way for wind farms

The Newfoundland and Labrador company uses acoustic technology to find explosives buried in the European sea floors.

Former Crosbie staffer behind anti-Liberal Facebook ads, robocalls

NL Strong is the Newfoundland and Labrador equivalent to Ontario Proud, a right-wing Facebook-based group said to be instrumental in Doug Ford's victory.

Snoop Dogg shares N.L. illustrator's work on Instagram — but doesn't give her a shout-out

Comic artist Kelly Bastow says celebrities and companies often share artists' work without crediting the creator.

Nearly the length of Fogo Island: That's how big the SeaRose spill slick was

Emails between Husky Energy and the C-NLOPB shed new light on the size the sheens spotted after the largest offshore oil spill in the province's history.

Is Santa Claus our only hope? In Lisa Moore's latest book, he just may be

Lisa Moore looks at what it means when things get mean in the stories of NL Reads finalist Something For Everyone.

N.L.'s skyrocketing transportation emissions show need to plug in to electric cars: scientist

A new report from Statistics Canada shows greenhouse gas emissions from household travel shot up by 40 per cent from 2009 to 2016.

Mitchelmore's tourism ad intro unnecessary, awkward says specialist

A communications specialist says Mitchelmore's introductory video to the province's latest tourism ad misses the mark.

Backhoe robbery culprits knew their stuff, says backhoe operator

Two robberies in St. John's last week used stolen backhoes. Scott Jones, of Toromont Cat, says it takes know-how to operate a backhoe.

Canadian air traffic controllers send pizzas to U.S. counterparts working without pay

Sometimes, solidarity has a soft crust and a layer of melted cheese.

How do you catch a wild seal? After bizarre invasion, this N.L. town is finding out

They're cute and all, but it's time for them to go, says Mayor Sheila Fitzgerald.

Strangers still email Sharon Bala about her powerful NL Reads novel

No matter what your stance on immigration is, Sharon Bala's The Boat People will show you a side you've never seen before.

If there is ever a deepwater oil blowout, help could be weeks away

A device used to cap deepwater oil blowouts would have to be shipped in from Norway, according to documents filed by Statoil.

Kaetlyn Osmond is having a very different year, with no plans — yet — to compete again

No coaches, no daily training grind, just travel and performance, and even a few months with friends and family.

Why a Rabbittown corner store tells more than just a family's tale

Trudy Morgan-Cole's Most Anything You Please explores the changing fortunes of Rabbittown, of St. John's, and of the province, all from behind the counter of a family-owned corner store.

Puffin beaks are fluorescent and we had no idea

Ornithologist Jamie Dunning had the idea to shine a UV light on a puffin in January. The results were spectacular.