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Ho-ho-no! Santa photos gone wrong

Not everyone is a fan of the man in red.

CBC received hundreds of your photos, here are some of the best of the worst

Santa's keeping it cool as Grayson Rich has a moment. Brother Landon isn't quite sure what to make of it. (Submitted by Sherri Wolfrey)

Just because he's jolly and delivers toys doesn't make everyone an automatic fan of Santa Claus.

We asked you to submit your photos via CBC N.L.'s Facebook page, and the response was incredible.

So, sit back and take a break from the holiday hustle and bustle and behold these photos in all their non-picture perfect glory. 

Ahhh, the blissful gaze of a young mother. Nice job hanging on to baby Lascie, Muriel! (Submitted by Tonya Dicks)
Twenty-two-month-old Aubrie is having none of it. (Submitted by Serena Bobbitt)
Ten points for Santa's grip on two-and-a-half-year-old Sawyer! Lucky for him, Locklynn, who was almost one, was content to sit still and scream. (Keisha Ryan)
What a festive scene! Santa looks almost as uneasy as three-year-old Nolan Cribb, of Happy Valley-Goose Bay. (Submitted by Marilyn Cribb)
Awww, how nice! Molly Gavin, age 1, of Pouch Cove is finding a present for Santa! (Submitted by Dawn Armstrong)
Eighteen-month-old Jack and Aiden Kielly would apparently rather be elsewhere. Smile through the pain, Santa. Smile through the pain. (Submitted by Janine Kelly)
Santa is taking this rebuff from 14-month-old Julie Foster, of Grand Falls-Windsor in stride.
Carrie Fitzgerald, 2, came to visit Santa when he was in St. John's a couple of weeks ago. 'I was away at sea working when my wife had it taken. She was not impressed by Santa.' (Submitted by Chad Fitzgerald)
Owen, 16 months old, visits Santa in Paradise in November. Taken by Skiffington Photography. (Submitted by Melissa Dwyer)
This year's pictures from Clarenville show Calee Verge, two and a half, running away from Santa. (Submitted by Amanda Burry)
Briella Glavine was six months old and all smiles at West Edmonton Mall when, but Santa had his eyes closed. (Submitted by Courtney Glavine)
'No wonder I looked scared stiff, me about 65 years ago! Santa sure looked like a kindly old elf way back when,' says Keith Evans. (Submitted by Keith Evans)
Jamie-Lynn Hicks, age 18 months, and Jackson Hicks, 3, have different reactions to Santa at West Edmonton Mall. (Submitted by Jessica Butler)
Austin King, three and a half, nearly kicked Santa in the face when visiting him at the Avalon Mall on Nov. 29. (Submitted by Melodie King)
Zoie, age 3, and Ana, age 1, less than thrilled to visit Santa. Taken by Skiffington Photography in Paradise. (Submitted by Jodi Humphries)
Laura Fudge, 2, visits Santa at the Exploits Valley Mall in Grand Falls-Windsor. Not impressed. (Submitted by Tonya Fudge)
Britton Smith, age 22 months, visits Santa Claus in Gander. (Submitted by Amy Smith)
Kiara Cole, 3, of Conception Bay South, just trying to get away. (Submitted by Alexis Cole)
Taken 19 years apart. Heather Williams-Chaulk says, left, her great niece, who is now four, and her son, who is now 23, were both 'really impressed with Santa.' (Submitted by Heather Williams-Chaulk)

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