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Forgery charge against Marystown Mayor Sam Synard dismissed

Things played out in provincial court in Grand Bank Tuesday just as Marystown Mayor Sam Synard said they would.

Synard maintained that he would be exonerated and said Crown had no evidence

Marystown Mayor Sam Synard said the allegation was related to ongoing friction between himself and others on the town council. (CBC)

Things played out in provincial court in Grand Bank Tuesday just as Marystown Mayor Sam Synard said they would.

A charge against Synard for forging an affidavit was dismissed. 

Synard, 57, was arrested on July 8 and briefly held in custody.

The allegation 

Synard said all he had done was witness the signature of a man who had written an affidavit saying he had paid $400 to store his motorhome in a garage owned by a town councillor. 

According to Synard, that councillor filed a complaint with the RCMP, alleging the document was fraudulent because the date wasn't correct, and he had allowed the man to store the motorhome for free.

"I had witnessed someone's signature saying they had stored a motorhome," said Synard. "This was the big fraud case that I was charged with."

Synard told CBC News in an interview at the end of July that he fully expected to be exonerated, saying the allegation was connected to an ongoing strife between him and others on the town council.

Synard said when the case was called Tuesday, Crown prosecutor Danny Vavasour called one witness, and then asked for a break.

According to Synard, when court resumed, Vavasour said there was no chance of the Crown winning the case, and asked Judge Harold Porter to dismiss the charge.

Impact on him

Synard said while he was pleased with the outcome, it's been a trying incident.

"I had to put a brave face on and walk around town and walk around the province knowing that behind my back people were probably thinking I had done something terribly wrong," said Synard.

Synard said that he's glad the complaint went to trial as quickly as it did.

"Most innocent people who are charged with a crime have to face years and years of their life being in turmoil."


Glenn Payette


A veteran journalist with more than 30 years' experience, Glenn Payette is a videojournalist with CBC News in St. John's.