Star of the sea: Ryan Snoddon attempts synchronized swimming

CBC's Ryan Snoddon tried out some synchronized swimming moves with the Sea Stars. They did not ask him to join the team.

He might want to stick to hockey

"I think I’m going to stick to dry land," says CBC's Ryan Snoddon. (CBC)

He keeps us in synch with the weather, but can he stay in synch with the Sea Stars swimmers?

Ryan Snoddon got his feet wet with the Sea Stars synchronized swimming team and the results are … well, let's just say he's sticking to hockey.

"I knew it was going to be difficult, but I learned that it's even more difficult than it looks to tread water, to keep yourself out of the water and then to do what those synchronized swimmers do," he said.

"It's really kind of mind-boggling to see how talented they are and what they're able to do when they put everything together."

Spoiler alert: it went just OK and he swallowed a lot of pool water 3:13

Snoddon said he trained hard for his performance — walking all the way from the CBC building to the Aquarena in high winds.

"I was gasping for air by the time I got there," he said.

His proudest accomplishment with the team?

"I was able to do an actual flip in the water," he said.

"And at the end, when the girls all came together and picked me up out of the water and lifted me up, I did stay elevated for about half a second."

Looking for a sport that's fun, great exercise, challenging and doesn't require decent weather? Ryan Snoddon recommends synchronized swimming. (CBC)

Though he likely will not be asked to join the team, he said he's grateful to have been able to dive into the sport for an afternoon.

"It's not one of those traditional sports like soccer, baseball, hockey, or even karate that parents tend to put their kids in, and it should be," he said.

"It's a great sport. iI's great exercise and the best part is you don't have to worry about what the weather is going to be that day."

Ryan Snoddon tries his hand at synchronized swimming. Hint: it went only OK. (CBC)