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Ryan Snoddon's top 50 photos from 2017

We get a lot of submitted photos. Here are some of Ryan Snoddon's favourite ones from this year.

Winter, ice, and everything nice: A look back at audience photos shared with us this year

We get a lot of submitted photos, taken across Newfoundland and Labrador, from viewers throughout the year.

Changing seasons, animals in the wild, natural phenomena, and cultural landmarks all feature in the photos.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit pictures this year. You can submit yours to my Facebook page, our web team email, or our Here & Now email.

Here are just some of my favourites from your submissions over the past year.

It always starts with winter …

Wintry sunrise at the Ferryland lighthouse. (Submitted by Clifford Doran)
Owl taking a little snooze on the icy branch in Gander. (Submitted by Yvonne Burke)
Gorgeous sunrise in Lord's Cove. (Submitted by Margaret Mary Martin)
Giving up after spring snow in Gander. (Submitted by Paul Clouter)
Eight-three is never too old for tunnelling out of all the snow in Sandy Point, near Norris Arm. (Submitted by Jennifer Ivany Boisvert)

Spring thaw

Northern Lights over Hopedale. (Submitted by Ryan Winters)
Enjoying a meal on the backyard picnic table, after digging it out of the spring below. (Submitted by Al MacNeill)
That massive iceberg in Ferryland. (Submitted by Ray Mackey)
And one of the most memorable photos from this year of the massive iceberg drifting into Ferryland in April. Quite a view from the kitchen window. (Submitted by Jo-d Martin/Facebook)
An iceberg that sort of looks like the Easter bunny spotted in Cavendish in April. (Submitted by Barb Parsons)
Ice flowers melting, an unusual spring garden. (Submitted by Perry J Howlett)
Shag Rock seen under the ice in Whiteway, Trinity Bay. (Submitted by Robert George)
Crab fishing crew got to get up close to an iceberg in the Grand Banks. (Submitted by Marc Edwards)
This snowbank on the Trans-Labrador Highway near Red Bay probably took a long time to melt. (Submitted by Jessica Keating)
An icepan in the shape of Newfoundland spotted in Lewisporte. (Submitted by Jordan Holwell)
Red Indian Lake starting to thaw out in May. (Submitted by Dave Wilcox)
Icepans in the harbour in Twillingate. (Submitted by Peggy Linfield)
Nelson Smith and his friend the snowman on the snowmobile on the May 24 weekend in Mary's Harbour. (Submitted by Nancy Smith)
Calm water and sunset over the ice in Heart's Content. (Submitted by Rick Paul Piercey)
Sunrise over the harbour at the cabin on resettled Isle of Valen in Placentia Bay. (Submitted by Barb Leonard)

Summer lovin'

A majestic humpback whale jumping on the horizon in Bay Bulls. (Submitted by Robert Conway)
An approaching storm above an iceberg in the Bonsvista area. (Submitted b Gene Herzberg)
Summer days sailing in Bonavista. (Submitted by Mark Gray)
Running into a whale while out kayaking in Cape Broyle. (Submitted by Colleen Carroll)
A whale of a berg spotted in White Bay. (Submitted by Jenny Gale)
Cloud shaped like Newfoundland spotted over Happy Valley-Goose Bay. (Submitted by Hilary Gear)
Humpback whale getting some air in New Harbour. (Submitted by Fred Woodman)
Whale tail at sunset. (Submitted by Paul Dolk)
The lighthouse in St. Anthony. (Submitted by Fred Woodman)
Iceberg off St. Anthony that looks like a whale, giant crocodile, or some other prehistoric creature (Submitted by Paul Dunphy)
A roll cloud forming over Little Catalina in July. (Submitted by Charmaine Cee)
Drying fish on the line in the morning in Straitsview, on the Northern Peninsula. (Submitted by Denise Tapper Blake)
Capelin starting to roll on MacDougall's Beach. (Submitted by Kathy Hardy Savoury)
Deadman's Cove Beach in Harbour Breton. (Submitted by Aiden Mahoney)
A couple of kids running through the tall grass in Pouch Cove could be a tourism ad. (Submitted by Niki Legge)

Fall for fall

A great horned owl hanging out in the fall foliage near Forteau. (Submitted by Vernon Buckle)
Lots of colour along the south coast of Newfoundland, like here along the Rose Blanche Brook. (Submitted by Kathy Hardy Savoury)
Harvest moon rising in Gander. (Submitted by Lisa Anstey)
Tuna gets some air in Holyrood. (Submitted by Jim Hart)
A fog bow in Trinity Bay. (Submitted by Paul Seymour)
Humber Valley at its finest in the fall. (Submitted by Rob and Cathy Norman)
Beautiful Bottom Brook in Lewisporte. (Submitted by Heather Williams-Chaulk)
Drone view of a fall sunset over Eastport. (Submitted by Paul Smith)
The 'back run' salmon pool on the Gander River. (Submitted by Mike Freake)

Winter lights and starry nights

Lights over the Port au Port Peninsula. (Submitted by Randy Alexander)
A beautiful sunset in Sandringham. (Submitted by Jillian Penney-Turner)
Sunrise in Cottlesville. (Submitted by Nancy Rideout Wheeler)
Beautiful sunset over the mighty Churchill River in Happy Valley-Goose Bay on Dec. 4. (Submitted by Vaunita Moorse)
Northern Lights over western Labrador. (Submitted by Larry Jenkins)
A bald eagle at Quidi Vidi Lake enjoying the December sun. (Submitted by Bill Perks)

And a bonus, to keep you in the Christmas spirit …

The annual community Christmas tree lighting in Nain on Dec. 3. (Submitted by Rita-Ann Dicker)

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