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Ryan Cooke works for CBC out of its bureau in St. John's.

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Judge dismisses Crown application in Robin McGrath case, doesn't rule out witness collusion

Robin McGrath still stands accused of five charges, but 13 separate allegations came up during the trial. The judge will not consider them as a pattern.

Deer Lake's 5-year-old COVID patient doing well after initially testing negative

A mother in Deer Lake wasn't satisfied with a negative COVID-19 test when her child continued to show symptoms of the virus.

Fitness industry tightening regulations while keeping anxious eye on COVID numbers

Some gym and yoga studio owners have taken extra steps to keep people safe, knowing they could be among the first to close if the province moves back a level.

Rotational workers feel all eyes on them after N.L.'s influx of cases from Alberta

Some workers are more worried about life at home than at an outbreak site in Alberta.

Nursing home employee charged with faking credentials and assaulting resident appears in court

A brief court appearance didn't provide much in the way of detail, but it was the first glimpse of the man accused of sexually assaulting a resident at a seniors' home.

Catholic Church appeals to Supreme Court of Canada on bombshell Mount Cashel ruling

The Archdiocese of St. John's is looking to the Supreme Court of Canada to examine a landmark ruling that puts the Catholic Church on the hook for millions in sexual abuse lawsuits.

N.L. travel ban upheld in provincial Supreme Court ruling

Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court Justice Donald Burrage has upheld the province's controversial travel ban, which prohibits non-residents from crossing borders at will.

Crown seeks 8 years for hired gun in failed murder plot

John Squires was going to be paid to kill Brad Summers, and was caught on a wiretap saying he got a thrill out of the plot.

McGrath trial set over to October as clock runs out on allotted time

The defence won't begin calling witnesses until October 26, although dates could change.

Robin McGrath's vice-principal says she was scared of him

The vice-principal of Robin McGrath's school testified she believes she should have done something sooner.

Robin McGrath told teacher he made a student soil his pants, court hears

It's an incident for which the K-6 principal isn't facing charges, but could be considered to speak to his mindset at the time of the allegations he is facing.

'You did this. Not me': Tensions boil over at school principal assault trial

A special education teacher took issue with repeated questions on Tuesday about why she didn't report allegations of abuse before others went to police.

C.B.S. principal forced child into cold shower, teacher testifies at trial

Robin McGrath's assault trial started with some shocking allegations from a special education teacher.

Non-profit St. John's shelter suing province, alleging it was told to fire its executive director or else

Fresh Start Housing Solutions alleges it was told its funding would be yanked if it didn't get rid of its executive director, Gail Tobin, who left her previous position at Iris Kirby House clouded in controversy.

Justin Wiseman sentenced to 7½ years for robbery, arson

Justin Wiseman's troubles started long before a seven-hour standoff with police in 2018.