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Ryan Cooke works for CBC out of its bureau in St. John's.

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Judy Foote denies partisanship after Crosbie levels accusations on election night

A spokesperson for Judy Foote says she made a vow to shed any partisanship, but no vows to lose her friends.

Liberals to hold minority government in N.L., PCs not conceding defeat

Dwight Ball and his Liberal Party will form a minority government in Newfoundland and Labrador, but the Progressive Conservative leader is already mounting an attack against him.

Armed response to Avalon Mall was appropriate, police say, but information blackout was not

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary says it could have done a better job informing the public after a report of a shooting at the Avalon Mall.

Choices For Youth hires outside investigator to look into sexual harassment allegations

Allegations against a high-level member of Choices For Youth are being investigated, but the non-profit organization won't say who it hired or who is being investigated.

'Obituary piracy' website ordered to pay $20M to grieving families

Afterlife violated the copyrighted work of grieving families in order to make a profit, a judge in Ottawa ruled in ordering damages to be paid in a class-action lawsuit.

Afghan mother gets government OK to travel with baby for cancer treatment

After fearing the worst, Sajia Yaqobi now has a U.S. visitor's visa to be by her son Elias' side in Boston.

Séan McCann tells Ches Crosbie to stop using his song on campaign trail

The Great Big Sea co-founder says the PC party never asked his permission to use a song about overcoming addiction as their anthem.

Boston oncologist urges embassy to grant visa to mother of sick child

A doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital has written a letter to the American embassy in Halifax, urging an expedited visa for Sajia Yaqobi, whose son needs cancer treatment in Boston.

Father of deceased inmate hopes HMP replacement is more than an election promise

Neil Burry hopes the provincial government isn't campaigning on his son's death, but he wants HMP torn down.

From 3D-printed skulls to the healing power of crabs, MUN students rewarded for big ideas

Three student businesses were chosen as recipients for $10,000 prizes at the 2019 Mel Woodward Cup.

Teachers' union covering legal costs for principal charged with assaulting students

Robin McGrath was not in court Tuesday morning when his name was called. Instead, he had two lawyers paid for by the NLTA.

Her baby needs cancer treatment in the U.S., but this mom can't go with him

Sajia Yaqobi's son needs life-saving treatment in Boston, but she can't accompany him unless her citizenship is rushed.

Adam Budgell sent back to Ontario to face sexual assault charges

Niagara Police have made good on a promise to transfer a wanted man sitting in a Newfoundland jail back to Ontario to stand trial.

Charges pending against elementary school principal accused of assaulting children in C.B.S.

The principal of Admiral's Academy in Conception Bay South will face criminal charges of assault, in connection with four students at the K-7 school school.

Locals heated over for-profit homeless shelter proposal in St. John's

Leonard Phair is transparent in his motivations — if it wasn't a moneymaker, he wouldn't bother with the shelter. But the locals don't want him anywhere near their houses.