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'Full house' for Ron Hynes at funeral filled with music, laughter

The funeral for legendary singer-songwriter Ron Hynes was filled with tributes, music and laughter Monday afternoon, at the Basilica of St. John the Baptist in downtown St. John's.

A celebration of Ron Hynes's life

7 years ago
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The funeral service for celebrated musician Ron Hynes took place Monday in St. John's

It was standing room only for the funeral of legendary Newfoundland singer-songwriter Ron Hynes Monday afternoon.

"Well, he got a full house, he'd like that," said Hynes's longtime friend Greg Malone, as he began the eulogy.

Thousands packed the Basilica in St. John's to say goodbye to legendary singer-songwriter Ron Hynes. (CBC)

The service, held at the Basilica of St. John the Baptist in downtown St. John's, was filled with music, laughter, and reflection on both Hynes's accomplishments and demons.

"Who else would we weep for if not for Ron? Who more deserves his tears than he?" said Malone.

"All those lovely songs are now the ties that bind our hearts to his and to each other."

The funeral was also filled with Hynes's best-loved music, including a performance by his daughters, who sang 30 for 60 and I Love You More Than God.

Lily Hynes, Ron Hynes' daughter, singing "I Love You More Than God" at her father's funeral. (CBC)
"Unfortunately, Ron didn't write a lot of hymns, so you won't find these hymns in the hymn book in the pew," joked Father Paul Lundrigan, who delivered the service.

"I've got to tell you guys, this is probably the least formal presentation we've ever had."
Ron Hynes' funeral ended with the congregation singing the St. John's Waltz and with many people even waltzing in the aisles. (CBC)

Rick Mercer read When I Think of Death by Maya Angelou, and Des Walsh and Cathy Jones both delivered readings.

The funeral ended with Alan Doyle leading the entire church in singing St. John's Waltz, and some people waltzing in the aisles.

Hynes died Thursday night, after a battle with cancer.

After the funeral there was a reception for family, friends and fans at the Delta Hotel.

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