Rodney Constantine keeps Facebook promise and turns himself in to police

A man wanted by the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary in St. John's on outstanding warrants has turned himself in to police, after promising in a Facebook post to show up at police headquarters Monday.

'See you Monday morn,' wanted man had written on Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Facebook page

Rodney Constantine, 29, turned himself in to police today after promising he would on the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary's Facebook page on Sunday. (CBC)

A man wanted by the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary on outstanding warrants has turned himself in to police. 

Rodney Constantine, 29, had told police via a Facebook post on Sunday that he would attend headquarters Monday morning.

The RNC has posted an item on the force's Facebook page stating that they were seeking Constantine. Underneath the post, the wanted man commented that he would "See you Monday morn."

While he didn't make it to the police station before noon Monday, police confirmed shortly before 5 p.m. that Constantine was in custody.

"Rodney Constantine has kept his word to us on Facebook and turned himself over to police just now so that the outstanding arrest warrants could be executed. He will be seen by a provincial court judge in the morning," the RNC posted.

Constantine was wanted on charges of assault, breach of probation, breach of recognizance and failure to appear in court.

According to police, Constantine is also facing outstanding Highway Traffic Act matters.

Constantine followed up his initial Facebook post by adding he wasn't joking or taunting police.

"Look just letting everyone know this ain't a joke or intended !!!! I was just been honest about turning in Monday morn that's all !!!!!," said the Facebook comment.

On the RNC's Facebook page, police said they hope to "see more success" apprehending wanted individuals using social media.