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Rob Antle is producer for CBC's investigative unit in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Legislative watchdog members 'weren't satisfied' with NLESD answers on AG report

The fallout of a corruption scandal at the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District is still on the radar of the public account committee.
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What the RNC told a judge to get a search warrant in the NLESD fraud probe

Court records that were unsealed after an application by CBC News shed some new light on a corruption investigation involving the province’s largest school board.

Work on Mile One audit 'action plans' ongoing, city won't release final report

St. John's city council says it's taking action to address issues identified by an auditor's report into missing money at Mile One Centre, but providing details about what the auditor found would "jeopardize the safety of employees" there.

Alison Coffin calls out Liberal 'hypocrisy' in clash over transparency watchdog's powers

The Newfoundland and Labrador New Democratic Party leader says she is alarmed about “a quiet erosion of access to information in the province once again."
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A battle over Bill 29 and a watchdog's powers was settled. Not anymore.

The provincial Liberals slammed Bill 29 for cutting the powers of the information and privacy watchdog. But now, their justice department has made a move that would do the exact same thing.
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Appealing a workers' compensation decision in N.L.? It may take a year to get a hearing

Injured workers who want to appeal decisions about their cases are currently facing a one-year wait for a process that, by law, is supposed to take just 60 days.
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N.L. working to ease application backlog as immigration interest increases

Internal government documents show that people trying to come to Newfoundland and Labrador through two key programs have recently faced longer waits in having their applications processed.

C-NLOPB asks judge if it can hold onto 'weak link' items seized in SeaRose spill probe

As part of its investigation into the biggest oil spill in the province's history, the regulator executed a search warrant in March and wants to keep what it obtained for another nine months.
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'Painful lessons' as real estate industry pushes for protections

More than three years after Exit Realty on the Rock went bust, tougher rules to protect consumers and real estate agents are in legislative limbo, likely until the fall.

Judge tosses out Anne Squires's lawsuit against Ron Ellsworth

A long-running lawsuit filed by Exit Realty on the Rock owner and admitted fraudster Anne Squires against the former deputy mayor of St. John’s has been dismissed by a judge.
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A pilot project could have jailed N.L. drivers for unpaid fines. Here's how that went

A provincial initiative launched years ago tried to deal with scofflaw drivers by forcing people with big outstanding fines to appear in court, and threatening them with jail if they didn’t pay up.

'Set to launch': Province to test community service as a way to pay traffic fines

After years of pondering it, the Newfoundland and Labrador government appears set to roll out a new way for people to pay off their traffic fines.

NLESD recovers property linked to fraud case, but legal fees exceed its value

The school district has settled a court action and gotten a shed and trailer back, but the dispute came with a cost.

MV Legionnaire out of service after suffering ramp damage at Portugal Cove dock

The MV Legionnaire has been out of service for a week and is not expected to return until next week, after being damaged May 16.

Tory blue book math doesn't add up on 2005 Atlantic Accord benefits

The Progressive Conservative campaign platform overstates the impact of the 2005 Atlantic Accord by nearly $700 million, and has the Tories giving an evolving series of answers to explain their calculations.