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Rick Mercer remembers Chris Hyndman's humour, hard work

Comedian Rick Mercer says he'll most remember fellow-Newfoundlander Christopher Hyndman for his self-deprecating brand of humour, and his hard work.

Comedian says news of fellow-Newfoundlander's death shocking

Comedian Rick Mercer says news of fellow-Newfoundlander Christopher Hyndman's death came as a terrible shock. Mercer appeared on Hyndman's show back in 2013. (CBC)

Comedian Rick Mercer says he'll most remember fellow Newfoundlander Christopher Hyndman for his self-deprecating brand of humour, and his hard work.

In an interview with CBC Radio's On The Go Tuesday, Mercer said news of Hyndman's death was completely unexpected. 

The co-host of CBC TV's Steven and Chris was found dead in Toronto's east end Monday night. He was 49. 

"It was terribly shocking news," said Mercer.

"Terrible, terrible news. He was a wonderful fellow, I've known him for a very long time."

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Mercer recalled first seeing Hyndman as a host on the HGTV show Designer Guys in the early 2000s.

"About the second episode that I watched him, he was doing some task and said he was working like a Torbay pony and I thought, 'Oh, he's clearly from Newfoundland' and I became a fan," Mercer said. 

The comedian was working on the sitcom Made In Canada at the time and asked Hyndman to appear as a guest. 

"The part was as a flamboyant home and garden television host with a larger than life personality," Mercer said.

"I remember he was so nervous but then when the lights came on and they said action — boom. It was like he was living in that world his entire life.

"He was a pleasure to work with, he knew his lines, he made it his responsibility to make the crew laugh. One of those kind of guys."

Christopher Hyndman, of the CBC Television program Steven and Chris, has died at age 49. (CBC)

Mercer said Hyndman wasn't just hamming it up for the cameras. 

In recent years, the pair often shared an elevator while working at the CBC headquarters in Toronto, and Mercer recalled Hyndman's reaction to hearing that the comedian owned a 10-year-old green, corduroy couch, 

"And he was like, 'Oh my. You need help. You need an intervention.'"

Mercer said he often asked Hyndman for decorating and home improvement tips. 

He was a pleasure to work with, he knew his lines, he made it his responsibility to make the crew laugh. One of those kind of guys.- Rick Mercer of the late Christopher Hyndman

Mercer added that Hyndman and his spouse,  Steven Sabados, were also extremely hard working. He said the pair often taped multiple episodes of their show, Steven and Chris, in one day. 

Mercer said it was common to see fans of Steven and Chris line up in the atrium of the CBC, waiting to sit in on a taping of the show. 

"So incredibly devoted, so excited. You could just tell they were just champing at the bit to see [Steven and Chris] in person. Just big, big fans."