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Remembering Ron Hynes: photos you shared with us

Following the death of music legend Ron Hynes on Thursday, CBC Newfoundland and Labrador asked our audience to submit photos they had taken of the singer-songwriter.

CBC viewers sent in their personal photos of the legendary musician

(Submitted by Susan Ryan)

Following the death of music legend Ron Hynes on Thursday, CBC Newfoundland and Labrador asked our audience to submit photos taken of the singer-songwriter.

Dozens of people answered the call, and below is some of what you submitted:

Hynes with Christina Shrewsbury in August 2015. (Submitted photo)
(Submitted by Susan Ryan)
Neil McGrath, from Gander, with Ron Hynes at Graffiti's Bar in Kensington Market in Toronto back in late September. Photos taken by by fellow Ganderite, Karen Hillier. (Submitted)
Krista Eddy poses with Hynes several years ago at the Arts Under the Stars event in Clarenville. (Submitted by Krista Eddy)
Michelle Evans sent this photo that was taken of her with Ron, at a house show in November. She wrote the following caption. "It was really a magical experience. I laughed and I cried during the performance. It was an honour to have seen him that night and he was so appreciative of all of us who attended. We had a chat about Bruce Springsteen and how Bruce influenced some of his music (I'm a big Springsteen fan). He sang me a part of his song and gave me a hug. He meant a lot to us Newfoundlanders and he will be dearly missed. (Submitted by Michelle Evans)
Ron Hynes at intermission during a performance in March 2009 at the Aeolian Hall in London Ontario. (Submitted by David Naish)
Darryl Bennett sent us this photo of himself with Hynes at the Rose and Thistle Pub in downtown St. John's, taken in April 2008. He said while the photo is blurry, it means a lot to have captured the moment with the one-of-a-kind musician. (Submitted by Darryl Bennett)
(Submitted by Christina Devereaux)
(Submitted by Marlene Hunt)
Hynes performing in Ottawa in 2013 (Submitted by Tony Power)
Ron Hynes, with friends Terry and Ed Heisler, Bev and Renee Callahan, Pearl Fifield, June Hiscock and Johanna Rocco - and puppy Iris. Taken by Veronica Rocco. (Submitted by Johanna Rocco)
Hynes and Greg Malone pose with fans. (Submitted by Heather Cornick)
(Submitted by Pam Perri)
Roger and Nicole Myette with Ron last July at the SquidFest in Holyrood. Hynes performed at Holy Cross Church, which was packed for the concert. (Submitted by Roger and Nicole Myette)
(Submitted by Nicole Pike Young)
Bonnie James and Jim Miller will never forget when Ron sang at their birthday party. (Submitted by Bonnie James)
Ron Hynes performs with other musicians at the 2014 Kingsville Folk Music Festival in August 2014. (Submitted by Dale Butler)
Bob Butler submitted this photo of a poem he wrote when he heard that Hynes had died, while downtown St. John's was in darkness from a power outage. (Submitted by Bob Butler)


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