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Regeneration: Sign up for a free workshop on food security

Topics ranging from new food production methods to food as a human right are on the agenda of an upcoming virtual conference. The three-day event is not only free but open to everyone.

3-day virtual conference is open to everybody

Much of the food sold at Newfoundland and Labrador supermarkets needs to be imported. (Paul Daly/CBC)

Have you ever wondered about Newfoundland and Labrador's ability to feed itself? Concerned that people can't afford the food they need to thrive? Curious about foraging and how to find food in the wild?

All of these topics — and many more — are on the agenda of an upcoming virtual conference that anyone in the public is welcome to attend.

Even better, it's free, and it's for everybody.

Regeneration: Soil, Food and Community is a three-day conference being organized by the Food Producers Forum.

It will run from May 5 through May 7. All sessions will be online.

CBC Newfoundland and Labrador teamed up with the Food Producers Forum for our series From the Ground Up, which has been looking at food security and other issues.

The conference will bring together farmers, scientists, advocates, foodies, homesteaders and more. Public participation is welcome.

The conference program includes sessions on a wide array of topics, from improving local soil and new food production methods to improving community access to food and developing the concept of food justice, or seeing food as a human right.

Anyone who would like to register or view the agenda can do so online here.

(Food Producers Forum)

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